Three Morning Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Three Morning Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Getting ready in the morning can be a huge pain in the you know what. You just woke up, you’ve got to rush out of the house to get to work, and you don’t exactly have the energy to put on a full face of makeup. And yet, we always seem to do just that, and make plenty of makeup mistakes along the way.

Here are three makeup mistakes to avoid.

Three Morning Makeup Mistakes To Avoid







Putting on makeup in the wrong light:

If you put on your makeup in the morning and are happy with the way you look indoors but then look like an Oompa Loompa when you get outside, there's something wrong going on. "Nothing is worse, or a bigger waste of time, than putting on a complete face, stepping outside and realizing you need to completely start over," Kashuk says. "Bad lighting can affect the way you see color, cause you to overlook an unwanted smudge or mark and most often encourage an overload of unnecessary makeup."

So how can you fix the situation? Makeup Professional, Kashuk suggests applying makeup in as close to daylight as possible. Doing so will give you the best read on what your face will look like to the rest of the world and spare you any worthy beauty mishaps.

Applying too much foundation

If you think you're improving your blemished skin by caking on the heavy foundation, you're actually drawing more attention to your flaws and eating away valuable time in your morning routine. The solution? Go a bit au naturel.

"You always want to leave skin as natural as you can," Kashuk says. "Try using foundation on a as-needed basis rather than covering your whole face; if you have the right shade of foundation, it can be applied to specific spots and seamlessly blend with your bare skin for a flawless face."

Spending hours on your eye makeup

Every woman has been guilty of this one at least once. We want our eyes to look alluring and perfect, so we spend way too much time doing them up. Kashuk says it doesn't have to take forever to get that runway-ready look, though.

"Most people will focus a lot of attention on perfecting their eye makeup, slowly adding layer after layer of color and skillfully lining the eye," Kashuk says. "And while this may be a great technique for an all-out glam night on the town, it is best to leave this type of look to the professionals."

Keep things simple and apply a simple wash of color over the lids and add definition at the lash-line with some liner. Want to make things even simpler? Kashuk says she loves using a small synthetic brush to smudge out a gel or pencil liner to take the worry out of creating a perfect, smooth line.


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