VIDEO: Buhari 'Forgets' Meaning Of INEC, APC

VIDEO: Buhari 'Forgets' Meaning Of INEC, APC

Following the postponement of the February general elections, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari had an interview with Aljazeera yesterday, February 8.

During the interview, Buhari talked about the postponed elections, corruption in Nigeria, Boko Haram and a whole lot.

Asked his reaction to the shift in the elections date by six weeks, the former Head of state he was extremely disappointed.

Buhari made a mistake when he referred to INEC as the Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission.

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He said: "My reaction is that of extreme disappointment because at the National Council of State, the chairman of INEC, the Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission gave a detailed brief of their activities from 2011, that’s from the last election. He said they are ready to hold the election."

Buhari explained that the Nigerian military cannot win the war against insurgency because the government is not ready to fight Boko Haram.

When asked that nobody has come out to endorse him as the right and perfect man to be the president of Nigeria, he replied:

He said: “If people don’t like Buhari’s face for what he did as a military Head of State, let them join the ruling party or any of the other mushroom parties and vote against him and convince his constituency to vote against me.

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Buhari also made a major slip during the interview when he referred to his party as the ''All Progressives Confidence''.

Asked about accusations that he is only popular in the North and not respecting the diversity of Nigeria, he said:

The merger we have been able to consolidate of All Progressives Confidence I think ought to disabuse the minds of those skeptics because this comprises of the main opposition parties which came from across the whole country and has succeeded now to be recognized here and abroad and is a real counter force to the ruling part.

So the question of I not being accepted in some parts of the country has been disproved by how I win my party’s nomination as presidential candidate…”

Watch Video below:

Recall that in January, a video in which Buhari had called his running mate ‘Yemi Osinbade’ instead of Yemi Osinbajo at his presidential rally in Owerri, had gone viral.


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