Comedian, Tee A Promises Fans He'll Be Back And Better

Comedian, Tee A Promises Fans He'll Be Back And Better

Comedian, Tee A Promises Fans He'll Be Back And Better

Tunde Adewale a. k. a Tee A has made his mark in the comedy industry. He’s made his mark not just in the comedy business but also in restaurant business.

Unknown to many, comedy began for the young and talented man when as a JSS student, he was his school’s Chief speaker and the senior prefect his deputy. In this chat, he talks about comedy business and his wife among other issues.

What have you been up to lately? I’ve been busy working behind the scene producing for my new TV show. It’s season three of Time Out With Tee A. That has made me withdraw from public events..

So what are we expecting in the new season of Time Out With Tee A? We’ve created new segments and new characters. We’ve also changed the studio we’ve been using, all in a bid to make for a better production that everyone can be proud of. Our viewership has doubled since when we debuted on Galaxy and Silverbird TV. We’re now on  eleven TV stations across the world- we’re in the UK, Europe, some part of the US and Ghana. We’re working on some other African countries like Kenya and Sierra-Leon. Of course, we are on African Magic, DSTV, AIT Network StarTimes and Nigezie. So the pressure to give good contents to our numerous fans is so much that I rarely have time for other things.

So are you coming back? The kind of live shows I’m going to do now, is going to be different from my normal shows. We’re going into something more matured.

Do you really think you are funny? I think everybody is funny. For me as a comedian, if I talk and you laugh, that shows I’m funny. If I talk and people are willing to pay for it, that shows I’m doing something right. And if I perform and get called again and again, it shows that I’m doing something right. So being funny is serious business.

So what if you throw a joke and your audience don’t laugh? With the amount of years I’ve spent in the business, the easiest thing for me to do is to read the mood of the audience. And where people get it wrong again is that some people think that what makes you a comedian are just the jokes- I don’t think so. There’s so much more to being a comedian. And like I said, every human is funny at one point in time. But what differentiates a professional comedian from every other person is the ability to study his audience and know what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

How has business been after 15 years? We thank God for his mercies. Although we had initial challenges, everything is now under control.

Has it ever been comedy all your life? You’ve seen the way our office is structured? This is my office, that’s the clients’ office, that’s the production studio and the editing studio. It’s been comedy, television production right from the beginning.

So how do you combine work and family stuff?

Actually, God is yet to bless us with children. And thank God that kids have not come yet but I know they’re coming soon. And I’m sure by the time they come; it’ll be a different ball game. But even now, being away for days and leaving just my wife in the house has been challenging but she’s been very understanding because she knows that whenever I’m not busy; I’ll be at home than be anywhere else.


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