How I Was Almost Killed By My Estranged Lover

How I Was Almost Killed By My Estranged Lover

A lawyer has narrated how he was almost killed by his estranged lover.

Ejigbo Peters whose office is located at Igando on the outskirts of Lagos, yesterday told The Nation how the woman who was introduced to him by his uncle, hired some assassins to kill him at his home in Salvation Army, off Governors Road, Ikotun, a Lagos suburb.

Peters said: “I came back home on the evening of July 24, with my driver. When we came in there was no light, so I sent my driver to go and buy fuel. Less than five minutes after he left, two men came into my house and when I asked them what they were looking for, they said they were visitors. I asked them to seat but they said they are not the kind of visitors that seat in peoples houses.

“I asked them what the problem was then, and the replied by asking if I know Folashade Laibi and I said yes that she was my fiancee and they asked me why I treated her the way I did and I told them that I do not understand what they were saying, they led me to my bedroom. One of them pointed a gun at me and I moved forward and grabbed him. I fought with him until I was able to over power him and collected his gun. When the second man saw that I had overpowered him, he came to his rescue and they collected the gun from me.

“They now ordered me to move to my siting room. They asked me to seat and pointed the gun at me. They fired several shots but the pellets were pumped into the chair that I was siting on. It was just the grace of God that I survived”, the lawyer said.

Peters said he decided to take Folashade for a blood test since they would be getting married and it was after the result were out that they discovered that both of them were AS.

“I even encouraged her to stay since technology has a way of taking care of these things, but she refused. I came home one day to discover that she had packed some of her things. The next time she came to pack her remaining things, she insited that I must be there which I did. When I came, she was threatening to deal with me and said that I will never see any good thing in my life. That was the last time we saw,” he explained.

Peter said the matter was reported at Igando Police Station and that police operatives from the station went to her shops but could not find her.

A police source at the station said she came with three lawyers some days later to say that she heard that she was been looked for.

Folashade has already been arrested and is in the coustody of police operatives at the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba.

However, there are indications that the investigating police officers are been offered money to release the suspect. A family source to the victim told The Nation that the suspect has already offered N300,000 to the police to let her go.

The complainant who is already worried over the development, has called on the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubarkar, to call his men to order and ensure that a proper investigation is coducted and the suspect charged to court.

Police sources at Igando police station where the incident was reported told our reporter that they recovered 126 pellets from the victim’s home.


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