Festac Town Suspected Ritual Killers Are Graduates

Festac Town Suspected Ritual Killers Are Graduates

Police preliminary investigations into the background of the two suspected ritualists arrested in Festac Town, Lagos, two weeks ago, reveal that they are graduates.

The two suspected ritual killers, Omotola Ajayi and Toyin Ajayi, arrested by police on Thursday, July 26, 2012 at their Third Avenue, B Close House 6, Festac Town, Lagos, are graduates.

According to information made available to our correspondent on Tuesday by the Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos Command, Mrs. Ngozi Braide, the duo graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, and Lagos State University, respectively.

Omotola, 47, had told men of the Festac Town police station that he read Agricultural Science in FUNAAB, but the university disowned him; while Toyin, 30, read Mathematics/Statistics in LASU.

Contrary to media reports, apart from the decapitated body of a male victim found in their abode, bowls containing blood and sacks containing human parts were parts of exhibits retrieved by the police. Besides, Braide said, one dry and one fresh human skulls were also found in the building after the police conducted a thorough search on the said property, located in the neighbourhood of Nigerian Immigration Service (Passport) office.

When our correspondent visited Third Avenue, B Close on Wednesday, House 6 was deserted, as police had put it under lock and key. It was a twin-duplex, and weeds could be seen in the compound. The green colour on the building has almost lost its shine.

Braide said, “Both of them are graduates. The elder, Omotola, graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, with B.Sc Agric Science, while Toyin graduated from LASU. He had a B.Sc in Mathematics/Statistics.

“It was the flies which invaded the windows and the stench coming from the building that made their neighbours alert the necessary authorities. First, they went to the Health Department, Amuwo Odofin Local Government to reported the case. It was the council officials who directed them to the police.”

Braide said the suspects had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba, Lagos, where further investigations would continue.

She however, explained further, “It was when the policemen from Festac Town police station went to the scene that they arrested the elder brother while coming out of the compound, with a polythene bag.

“The polythene bag was searched and some human parts were found inside it. He was promptly arrested and the policemen carried out a thorough search on the building. They discovered a floating corpse in the bath closet whose head had been severed. The hands had also been cut off, while the feet were severed from the knees. Two severed human heads were also found there. One was dry and the other fresh.

“Besides, the policemen saw some sacks in a room which contained human parts. The interrogations will continue.”

Braide could not confirm if the suspects’ younger brother was one of the victims whose parts were retrieved from the house. Omotola is said to be a divorcee and a father of two, while Toyin had yet to get married. Landlords and residents of B Close, the neighbours of the suspects, were not ready to entertain any media interviews. But some of them who did craved anonymity.

A search for the chairman of ‘B Close’ Residents’ Association met a brick wall. Even a house said to be the chairman’s turned out to be where our correspondent got the rudest shock. A female occupant who peeped through the gate directed him to ‘A Close.’

However, a female resident who did not want her name in print said the two suspects were known in the neighbourhood and nobody suspected they were into such dastardly act.

She said, “The elder brother was always complaining that he was being owed for contracts he had executed for a state government. Both of them are well known in the neighbourhood.”

Another source said their mother used to live with them in that building until a period when she was no longer seen there.

The Chairman, Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Mr. Ayodele Adewale, told our correspondent that he was taken aback by the startling discovery. He said he was in the office when the security officer of the council called him and intimated him of the development.

He said, “Immediately, I went to the scene and I saw blood collected in bowls and a corpse and human parts. The policemen even said I would not be able to stand the horror of such a scene.

“From what I gathered from people at the scene, some said they were ritualists, some said they might have mental problems, while some said they could be cannibals. Some told me they beg neighbours for money to buy soft drinks. I think we don’t have to jump to hasty conclusion. The police would determine their real motive through interrogation.”

Adewale stated that he had always held multi-security council meetings in the local government, with members of the Police Force, Army, Navy, State Security Service, residents’ associations and Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, among others, in attendance.

He added that he had held a stakeholders’ meeting with the people in Festac Town, where he told them of the need for residents to know their neighbours and to protect and secure their areas.

He stressed, “I have told them of the need for every Close to hold their meetings, maybe on the environmental sanitation days. They need to know their neighbours; through that, they could report neighbours whose behaviours are suspicious to the necessary authorities.”   

The Chairman, Festac Town Landlords Association, Mr. Jola Ogunnusi, also echoed what Adewale said. He explained that he knew nothing about the two suspects other than what he had read in the newspapers on the incident.

He put it succinctly, “We have about five layers of meetings and they are block of flats meeting, meeting of close, zonal meeting, community meeting and central meeting. It is at the zonal level that representatives are sent to the central meeting.

“So, there was no way I could have known them. It is the chairman of the Close that could say something about them. Festac (Town) is divided into seven communities, only five are functioning now.”

Source: Naija.ng

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