As Big Brother Stargame Winds Up, Who Wins The Big Prize? Let's Take A Glimpse At How Far They Have Come

As Big Brother Stargame Winds Up, Who Wins The Big Prize? Let's Take A Glimpse At How Far They Have Come

With just a few hours to the end of the 91 days marathon of excitement, suspense and ‘reality’ in TV content, all is now set to unveil the winner of the 2012 Big Brother Stargame during the grand finale of the show whichwill hold tonight in South Africa.

Big Brother Stargame started on Sunday, May 6, 2012 with a total of 35 housemates divided into the Upville and Downville houses. While the Downville had as occupants, regular individuals, the posh Upville catered for the celebrity housemates. The show proved to be a rollercoaster of events, thrilling the audience with the mild, the bizarre and the out rightly shocking characters and acts. As the show makes to light-out in few hours, here are few of the events that made news while the show lasted.


The show had started on a happy note for all involved until Angola’s Esperanza sliced through Seydou’s happiness with her demand for exit, barely 72 hours into the show. Her reasons she says were personal and stood her grounds causing her partner, Seydou to step in. She changed her mind hours later, restoring the hopes of the Angolan audience only to dash it again 20 days later, this time with the same demand but with a more resolute mind, hence their disqualification on  Friday, June 1, 2012 .


One event that will not be forgotten in a long time is the sex tape involving Liberia’s Luke and Jessica from Namibia. Biggie’s meticulous cameras caught the two at the wee hours on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 as they slowly embarked on a sensual journey whilst their fellow housemates soundly slept, oblivious of the activity going on.


One item that constantly made news was the affair between Nigeria’s rep, Goldieand her Kenyan lover, Prezzo. The lovers defined love in their own little way, breaking up on flimsy excuses only to make up hours or days after. Goldie who played the ‘African woman’ stayed through the ‘thick and thin’, disregarding the disrespect and abuse suffered her by Prezzo. A few times, she sobbed and a few more times, she lost it and broke down in tears shedding tears. While the affair lasted, the Kenyan rapper took the opportunity to snitch and back bite her and on one occasion, put her up for eviction. The love boat finally hit the ice berg when on Sunday, July 15, 2012, Goldie was evicted courtesy of her boyfriend’s nomination.


She will most definitely continue to remain in DKB's memories as the cause for his eviction from the BBA Stargame show. She is the 26-year old Zainab, whose love for controversy earned her quick fame, being penned down in the bad books of some and in the good for many. The Sierra Leonean model got a chance to prove her stunt after securing a spot in the posh Upville as compensation for the loss of her sister, Dalphin to the jaws of eviction. Once in the Upville, Zainab spread her wings and flew as far as she could, worming up into the hearts of the occupants of the house.

During one of the challenges, daring Zainab cut off her hair, going bald with a bid to look like the image to be drawn. Her sojourn was one of fun and energy but was cut short by her controversial nature which got her in a brawl with Ghana’s Upville housemate, DKB, after she peeped in on him as he took his bath. This led into an altercation and subsequently their disqualification.


As Big Brother Stargame Winds Up, Who Wins The Big Prize? Let's Take A Glimpse At How Far They Have Come

The Nigerian duo of Ola and Chris made history being the first contestants to demand for an exit. On Friday, May 18, 2012, one of the pair, Ola declared his interest to leave the house, citing his failing health. After much persuasion, Biggie granted his request and of course being a game of pair, Chris had to follow suit, leaving Goldie as Nigeria’s last housemate standing.


Described by Nigerians as the most shocking event in the house, Goldie’s eviction came as a shock to many especially as she had just been announced Head of the House, which would have given her a pass to the final six, had she scaled through the eviction that fateful night of Sunday, July 15, 2012. The singer has since arrived the country and along with her compatriots, Ola and Chris.

The show is in its seventh edition and currently has six of the 35 house mates remaining including Prezzo from Kenya Lady May from Namibia and Talia from  Zambia. Others include Wati from Malawi, South Africa’s Keagan and Uganda’s Kyle, all of whose fate will be detrmined in matter of hours as the show slowly strolls towards its climax.

Who do you think will walk away tonight, as the big winner, with all of $300,000?


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