Boko Haram: The Beasts of The Earth At Work

Boko Haram: The Beasts of The Earth At Work

For more than a year a group of insurgents that call itself Boko Haram have killed more than 1500 Nigerians especially from the Northern part of the country.

They have attacked police headquarters, police stations, schools, United Nations, and Churches. They have killed soldiers and some from other Security Agencies.

Till date nobody including Boko Haram can offer any genuine reason why they are shedding innocent blood in Nigeria , killing innocent children, fathers and mothers. Nobody including the Boko Haram murderers can tell the world to justify their attack on even world organizations. Nobody knows what they are bringing on the table to support this blood shed assuming there is a dialogue today.

In a recent attack to Deeper Life Church worshippers in Okene Kogi State , the gunmen told the bewildered worshippers: “WE ARE HERE TO FINISH ALL OF YOU” Survivors said: “they put off the light and started shooting. They were using touch lights to check those who were not dead and then shooting to make sure they were dead”

In Southern Nigeria , we have been burying dead bodies of Youth Corpers, Clergy men, traders, professionals, children, mothers, etc in their hundreds since the insurgent started and it seems the blood thirsty murderers are prepared to kill more in the days to come. Each time they make a successful kill they celebrate it all over the world through social media. The killers are getting bolder and there is this urge to go on. The leaders in the North have lost their followers and they cannot even speak now for fear of their lives. Even IBB who claimed to be a master in the art of violence and the dominator of his environment has developed cold feet and lost his manhood. The Generals in the North who tormented Nigeria for more than 30 years cannot talk now. Even the powerful Emirs in the North have lost their powerful voices. Those who managed to speak including the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria says it is poverty that brought about Boko Haram. We agree but can poor people buy bombs and cars? Is there food inside the Churches they are attacking? These guys think we are fools.

Maybe they have forgotten what Alhaji Adamu Ciroma, Kaita and others said when President Jonathan won the 2011 Presidential elections. For those that have forgotten, it was Ciroma and his gang that said that they will make Nigeria ungovernable if Jonathan becomes the president. Ciroma did not stop there. The moment it became obvious that Jonathan is unstoppable he began to arm the youths of the North and the rest now history.

Today, Ciroma’s war has gone full circle. His network of killers has grown beyond his imagination and as I write this he has lost control of his boys. Nobody can now stop the catastrophe and brigandage in the North. The barbarians have in less than one year brought a devastating and colossal damage to the economic and political entity built by the late Alhaji Ahmadu Bello of the blessed memory. They have in less than one year of madness made a mince meat of powerful legacy built by a man of vision, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello. They have systematically taken the North backward by 50 years. By the time this stupidity and madness end the damage will take serious leaders of the North 100years to repair.

The madness is raging on while the elders of the North have lost their voices. Now they are making incursions into South West via Kogi State . If Yoruba people constitute the highest population in Kogi State as it were I think an attack to Kogi State is an attack on the Yoruba nation, and this portends grave danger for Nigeria . Traditional rulers in the South West have risen up to warn that this incursion could be dangerous for the survival of this country. It is not only dangerous encroachment into South West, Nigeria , but an affront to the people of South Nigeria .

It is only a foolish constituency that will think that the South will fold its hand in the face of these provocations. These Boko Haram animals are dragging this country to a civil war but please let somebody tell them that war is no tea party. War does not recognize faces, it does not respect tribes, it does not know Emirs or Obas or Obis or Generals. The truth is that those who think that the South does not have the capacity to put a stop to this incursion are the biggest fools of the 21st century. Those who think they have monopoly of violence miss the point here. Those who ignore the strength of the South do so to their own peril.

When the late General Abacha picked up Chief MKO Abiola in 1994 some people thought he will not survive a day in detention because he loves good life and has good wealth. Chief Abiola survived their onslaught for nearly five years until the idiots decided to stop him with poison. The jokers were proved wrong. Abiola defeated them even in death. Please mess up with the South West and bite your fingers for ever. The history is there! Go back and learn!!

I am not raising alarm but I must warn the people of Southern to begin to put their house in order. I want the South to begin to put structures in place to take on these insurgents. I am warning the people of Southern Nigeria to brace up for these challenges. It will be disastrous to be caught unawares. Leaders of the Southern Nigeria must meet now address the arrogance of a section of the country. The security of the lives and property of our people is being threatened on a daily basis and we need to speak out now. Do not wait further for President Jonathan to act. It is a collective responsibility thing now. The beasts of the earth are seriously at work in Nigeria and they need to be tamed with advanced ideas, advanced method and advanced approach.


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