Nigeria will not Disintegrate- Jonathan

Nigeria will not Disintegrate- Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has again reaffirmed faith in the unity of Nigeria as he re-assured Nigerians that despite the numerous challenges that seem to shake the unity on the country, the nation will not disintegrate.

The president was speaking at a Church service held at the Christian Ecumenical Centre, Abuja to mark the forthcoming 2012 democracy day. The country will on Tuesday, celebrate 13 years of democracy in the country, which is just the first year in the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

In a message for those calling for the disintegration of the country, due to the myriad of challenges facing the nation, the president noted that “Nigeria will never disintegrate” he emphasised.

“I want assure all Nigerians that Nigeria cannot be disintegrated by any form and the present terror attacks across the country came as a thief in the night.”

Reeling out the geographical endowment of the country, the president that stated that “one of the reason is because of the potential that we have and the size of the country. We have very few countries that has the kind of geography that we have. From the Atlantic sea, through the mangrove swaps, through the rainforest, the Savannah belt, to the semi-desert area. From very flat lands to the Adamawa and Cross-River, where we  have hills and mountains. So it is a country where a number of things could be done because of the potentials we and the population.”

According to the president, the raw population is not positive, because if you have a population that so many people are poor, that they cannot feed, is negative. But population combined with the resources gives us that strength.”

He called on Nigerians to stand by him at all times.

Considering the role of military and military coups in the nation’s political history, the president thanked and expressed his gratitude to the Nigerian military for their commitment to professionalism and consolidation of democracy, describing them as the best in the African continent.

Too large government

The former prelate of the Anglican Church of Nigerian, Most Reverend Peter Akinola, who was the clergy in charge of the service, bemoaned the dysfunctional state of the country, which is brought about by corruption and insecurity.

He told the president to “flush out from your government all political jobbers and predators that hang around the Presidency. Your government is too large, they make government redundant.”

“Send them back to farms to grow cassava, cocoa etc. We know you are not an army general, but since Nigerians have voted you as the commander in chief, you are a general of generals”.

He led prayers for the different arms of government, as well as security and development of the country

The nation’s first family and friends, drawn from far and near gather to offer prayers to God for seeing the country through the trying times and the Church service, also attracted members of the national assembly, some governors, ministers and members of the diplomatic corp.

President Jonathan and his team are optimistic that the country will overcome the challenges, as the clergy stated that, no matter what happens, God’s purpose for the country will come to pass.


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