Show Us Jonathan’s Achievement, Junaid Mohammed Blasts Gulak

Show Us Jonathan’s Achievement, Junaid Mohammed Blasts Gulak

Second Republic lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, has given a stern warning to the Political Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Ahmed Gulak, to desist from hauling insults on Nigerians because of his selfish interest.

Besides, he has challenged the president’s aide to show to Nigerians what his boss has achieved so far in office to warrant celebration by the citizens.

Mohammed and former FCT minister, Nasir El-Rufai, apparently incurred the wrath of Gulak for recently criticising President Goodluck Jonathan for not doing enough to protect lives and property of Nigerians following rising insecurity in parts of the North.

The duo had recently asked the president to step aside if he could not solve the country’s raging insecurity.

Responding to the verbal assaults on the President in the media, Gulak described Mohammed has having ‘diarrhoea of the mouth’ and asked him to desist from talking as he was the leader of the North. He also described El-Rufai as a disappointment to Nigerians.

But in an interview with Vanguard, Mohammed warned the President’s aide to stop giving the impression that all was well in the country just because of what he was benefiting from the system while the majority of Nigerians were languishing in squalor.

Mohammed, who is the National Chairman of the Peoples Salvation Party, said, “I would not dignify Gulak with a response because he knows that what they are doing is not good for this country.

“The fact remains that no matter what he says Nigerians can see that this country is not on the right path.  I have gone too far in this game to waste my time on nonentities. I am a leader of the people. I have no personal interest in what I am doing.

“Even if it is President Jonathan’s father who is going to do an objective assessment of the administration, he would not claim that Jonathan’s Presidency is a success.

“Gulak should stop insulting well-meaning Nigerians who have seen it all and are selfless enough to advise the administration on how to make things better for the majority of the people. He should not use his office to attack innocent persons just because of his personal interest,” the PSP leader said.

On the alleged attempt by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to anoint the next president and vice president, Mohammed described the move as an act that could cause disaffection, if not well handled.

While advising the former president not to take delight in always presenting himself as a kingmaker, he however said that he would be the happiest man on earth if the crisis would degenerate further and lead to an implosion in PDP.

He said, “If this controversy generated by the alleged anointing of certain persons by Obasanjo or any other one will degenerate and lead to an implosion of the PDP and it disappears from the surface of the earth, I would be the happiest Nigerian on earth.”

Turning to the leader of the CPC, Gen. Muhamadu Buhari, Mohammed said that he had made up his mind never to work with Buhari and El-Rufai because of the invasion of the party by those he called ‘Obasanjo’s errand boys’.

He continued, “Now, if for whatever reason El-Rufai recognises that the PDP is now a toxic party, it shows his level of selfishness and desperation to succeed Buhari as the leader/owner of the CPC.

“Buhari’s antics in accepting el-Rufai as a public face of the CPC calls into question the sincerity of Buhari’s political intention. It also demonstrates the personal naivety for which Buhari’s political career has become famous.

“If Buhari believes opportunists and torn coats who are nothing but Obasanjo’s Trojan horses in the CPC can get him to the Presidency, then all I can say is ‘goodluck to the General’. And I will end with a prayer by saying, ‘If we meet again, we shall pray together. If we don’t, the parting is well made’.

“I will never be in the same political party with errand boys of Obasanjo even if they are recommended by Buhari himself, the politician stated.


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