Boost Your Confidence With Healthy Underarms

Boost Your Confidence With Healthy Underarms

Caring for the underarms is just as important as caring for the face; though some people tend to pay less attention to it. Lack of care for the underarms can lead to odour which could be as a result of sweat combined with bacteria.

The impressions that sweat smells are totally wrong. Sweat itself does not smell but when combined with bacteria has a terrible smell which is termed body odour. Consumption of soda, tea, alcohol and chocolates in excess has been said to cause body odour. Also, over eating of red meat can result in excessive sweating.

Having a dark underarm is quite unattractive.  Dark underarms may cause embarrassment and even cause you to avoid wearing tank tops and sleeveless dresses.The skin under your arms may turn dark for a variety of reasons such as sweating excessively.

Excessive sweat is the most common cause of a dark arm, since the armpits are constantly perspiring and cooling our body. The sweat never completely dries out in the folds of armpit skin, and it secretes uric acid, which will darken anything over time. Age, hormonal changes, pregnancy, excessive shaving, low quality deodorants could also causes darkness of the underarm.

As body odour is caused by the presence of bacteria in sweat, the best remedy is to pay attention to the cause. Always wear washed undergarment both during dry and wet seasons as the odour always lingers on clothes. Also during prolonged rain periods, the clothes often don't dry properly and bacteria grow in them, giving odour.

Shaving or waxing your armpits and pubic hair help to reduce sweating; so also is a warm shower twice a day with antibacterial soap.

Other Remedies For Body OdourAvoid using antiperspirants as it clog sweat glands; so don't use them. The use of alum is an alternative.

Rub a lime under arms in the morning. It will keep you odorless throughout the day.

However, excessive shaving may cause your armpits to darken. So shaving less often may help lighten the skin since shaving removes the top layer of skin along with the hair. The newly exposed layer can darken instantly when exposed to sweat, and also the excessive use of shaving cream can cause discolouration.

Also Poor hygiene can cause dirt and oil to accumulate in your armpits, which may darken them.

How To Reduce Dark Effect-Avoid wearing tight blouses as it rub against armpit skin and can make matters worse. Wear loose, breathable clothes instead.

-Wash under arms well with soap and rinse with warm water.

-You can also mix lime juice, milk powder, and honey into a paste and apply to underarm skin. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. After several weeks of this treatment, your skin will become lighter.

-Spread lime juice on the area twice daily. Use real lime juice. Alternatively, rub lemons under your arms after you shower.


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