Health Boost in Osun

Health Boost in Osun

Malaria cases drop, hospitals equipped Commissioner hails Aregbesola.

Residents of Osun State are enjoying robust health, thanks to a carefully thought-out programme of the Rauf Aregbesola administration. Drugs are available at the hospitals, provided free by the government.

Medical workers are constantly retrained in the state or in health institutions in West African countries or overseas. This has profoundly enhanced their operations and service delivery. Laboratories, dental departments and theatres are equipped for optimum output.

There are other coordinated activities that have helped to lift the people’s health. For instance, apart from the regular checks to detect and treat such ailments as hypertension, diabetes, among others, the state has also mounted a sustained campaign to keep malaria out by making it difficult for mosquitoes, its vectors, to breed near homes.

Dr. Ilori said there is a boost in the attendance of outpatients care in the state-owned hospitals.

"For expectant mothers coming for ante-natal care and delivery, a significant boost has been recorded all over the state,” she said. “In our data collection as well, some ailments like malaria are dropping. In 2009, we had over 500,000 reported cases of malaria, but by the end of 2011, it had dropped to less than 200,000 in the state. This reduction can be connected to the totality of governance in the state, especially the efforts of the governor in the fight against filth and dirt. Through environmental sanitation, the government has been able to take care of broken bottles, old tyres, waste containers that store stagnant water where mosquitoes, which are the carriers of malaria, breed."

"Besides, the dredging of waterways also helped tremendously. As a result of these efforts, Osun is the only state, especially in the Southwest that did not have any incident of flood last year and we all know the health hazards that come with flood, but God spared us in this, just as it also helped in reducing malaria."

"Apart from this, we have distributed treated mosquito nets to pregnant women, the young and the aged in a bid to reduce the infection of malaria. Also on malaria, we have gone all over the state and selected three local governments where we can carry out a pilot study on what we call insecticide residual spraying, through which we spray walls, house corners, roofs, among others."

The Commissioner said several water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrheoa and dysentery, which have been curbed through dredging of waterways by the state government. She spoke further on the administration’s immunisation plan, saying the state government has launched its "Kick Polio Out programme".

There has also been infrastructural upgrade in the state’s health sector. In the School of Nursing and Midwifery in Osogbo, the state capital, the Aregbesola administration has built a male hostel while a huge library complex is about to be completed there.

"Last year, the governor employed over 20 nurse tutors to boost the ones in the school and this has tremendously helped. I am also aware that in the same year, 26 tutors were employed for the School of Health Technology to improve the teaching staff of the institution," Dr. Ilori said.

The Commissioner said the state government will also ensure that death on the highways are minimised. One way to do that, according to her, is to station well-equipped ambulances at different points on the highway to take care of emergencies. But this will be backed up by "health workers, doctors and paramedics that were sourced from the OYES [the state youth empowerment scheme] cadets who have been further trained to be on ground to handle such emergencies."

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