Why I wept openly for Nigeria – Buhari

Why I wept openly for Nigeria – Buhari

A former Head of State, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has said the appalling state of Nigeria and the hardship of the citizens in the midst of abundance compelled him to weep openly for the nation in 2011.

Buhari said this while addressing journalists during his visit to the headquarters of his political party, the Congress for Progressive Change at Utako in Abuja on Thursday.

Buhari, who was the CPC’s presidential candidate in the 2011 election, said he wept when he looked at the way the country was blessed by God, but its citizens were poor.

He said, “This is a country that is well-blessed both materially and otherwise. God has blessed us more than we expected. We have so much land for agriculture.

“But majority of Nigerians can’t send their children to school, can’t afford medicine for their children, and no potable water to drink. Where does the money go to?

“This was why I broke down when I was rounding off up my presidential campaign in 2011.”

Buhari added that he became a democrat when the old Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, a development he said changed his political belief.

“That was the time I became a democrat because I believed that democratic system is superior to any form of governance.  Otherwise how can an empire collapse like that,” he said.

He took a swipe at the one year old regime of President Goodluck Jonathan and declared that the country was retrogressing.

He argued that with the level of corruption in the country and the poverty level of majority of Nigerians, there was nothing to show that the country was moving forward.

Buhari said, “From the level of exporter we have moved to the level of importer of oil? Are you surprised? All the infrastructure were allowed to die and decay.

“And now they say they want to remove subsidy. I was there when the refineries were built with Nigeria money and we didn’t borrow any kobo to do that.

“Now we have ended up buying fuel from the world market. I believe that God will punish those who have perpetuate corruption in this country and put us where we are today.

“I think we are reversing. With what is happening in the petroleum industry and all the corruption, we are reversing. You know about the pension scam?”



Source: Naija.ng

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