How To Prevent Sweaty Armpit

How To Prevent Sweaty Armpit

Unless you are an athlete, armpit sweating can be mortifying in certain social situations, and knowing how to stop armpit sweating can lead to more confidence and less staining of your clothing.

Deodorants only mask the sweat odor, so if you are serious about stopping sweating you will need to take active measures to address the glands in your underarm area.

1. Start with a high-quality antiperspirant. This will contain a chemical called aluminum chloride hexahydrate. An example of a high-quality antiperspirant would be Drysol.

- Use baking soda in conjunction with a deodorant that has aluminum chloride. The alkaline nature of the baking soda creates a gas when it combines with your body sweat, which is acidic. This gas, in turn, evaporates.

-Mix baking soda with water until you have created a thick paste-like substance.

-Apply the mixture to your underarm, preferably clean-shaven ones, and then let it sit there for 25 minutes. After that time, rinse off the mixture with water.

-Use this treatment for several days as a conditioning treatment to teach your body to dry up sweat faster.

2. Try using apple vinegar or other malt vinegar.

3. Trim long armpit hair to a short length, if necessary. Then, apply the vinegar and let it dry.

- The vinegar will work its way into your armpit pores, which will neutralize the armpits' natural odor-causing bacteria. This in turn creates a drying effect in your underarm, which conditions your armpits to sweat less and to stay dry.

- Sleep with the vinegar application to your underarms, and then when you get up in the morning, wash off your armpits with soap and water.

4. Try other natural home remedies.

-Apply lemon juice to your armpits before you go to bed.

-Apply tomato pulp on your armpits once per day for 15 minutes, and then remove it. Try this for a few weeks.

-Drink sage tea every day.

-Apply a solution of equal parts aluminum chloride and ethyl alcohol to your armpits every night before bed.

5. Consider iontophoresis treatment where in two to four 20-minute sessions per week, water is used to conduct a small electric current on your skin. This is only a temporary treatment, though, and is not guaranteed.

6. Take an oral anticholinergic such as Rubinol as a treatment for your excessive sweating.

7. Think about thoracis sympathectomy as a last resort for treatment. This treatment uses a small endoscopic instrument that is inserted below the armpit to interrupt the sympathetic nerves that cause you to sweat. This treatment is effective, but risky, with side effects that include complications in breathing, nerve damage and/or causing other parts of your body to sweat excessively.



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