35-Year-Old Nurse Stabs Her 4-Year-Old Daughter To Death

35-Year-Old Nurse Stabs Her 4-Year-Old Daughter To Death

35-Year-Old Nurse Stabs Her 4-Year-Old Daughter To Death

Dawn Makin, 35, who is now confined to a wheelchair by the injuries she inflicted on herself in the suicide attempt, was in a ‘spiral of descent into despair’ leading up to the killing, a court heard.

The nurse of 15 years had lost her job after being unmasked as a ‘mole’ for feeding confidential data about patients to her boyfriend who worked for a personal injuries company.

The little girl was found dead in Makin’s bed wearing pyjamas and surrounded by cuddly toys, with her mother unconscious beside her.

Chloe suffered deep wounds to her neck and chest and tests showed she would have been alive for a number of hours after the attack.

Injuries on her hands show the little girl tried to protect herself, Preston Crown Court heard.

Judge Anthony Russell yesterday said Makin had been suffering from a depressive disorder at the time of the killing. She wept as he jailed her for manslaughter, telling her: ‘The facts of this case are appalling.

‘The victim was a four-year-old child, someone who trusted you.

‘This was a sustained attack. Chloe must have undergone significant and considerable physical and emotional suffering.

‘Finally, the physical injuries you have caused to yourself which are permanent and the knowledge you have killed your only child will be with you for the rest of your life.’

Makin had been investigated and sacked for illegally accessing a computer at Moorgate Primary Care walk-in centre in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Boyfriend Martin Campbell, 34, used the details of 29 road accident victims who had been treated at the centre to make contact and try to encourage them to make personal injuries claims in December 2009, the court heard.

The leaks emerged after patients started to complain to NHS Bury in May 2010.

Campbell was fined after admitting data protection offences in June last year.

Makin was sacked in August 2010 but did not tell family and friends.

Prosecutor Stephen Wright said: ‘She did seek further employment but every application floundered. She was getting nowhere.’

That month she tried to take her own and Chloe’s life using gas, but stopped before any serious harm was caused.

She and Mr Campbell then separated, to her ‘great distress’, and he left their Bury home.

On the day of the killing, Makin learned she was being summonsed to court to face data protection offences. She tried to rekindle her relationship with Campbell that day but he told her he was taking another woman out for dinner.

‘She was in an emotional spiral of descent into despair,’ said Mr Wright. She sent text messages to Campbell saying: ‘I’ll make  sure you pay for this for the rest of your life’ and ‘I feel really low. My life is over.’

A neighbour discovered the youngster’s body three days later after her ‘frantic’ grandmother, Sheila Makin, raised the alarm. Suicide notes were found including: ‘I am so sorry. I have taken her away from you all but I could not leave her with no money. That would be cruel.’

Makin was charged with murder ten months later. She suffered brain injuries from the anti-freeze which caused her loss of mobility.

After the verdict, Chloe’s father, Michael, who had split from Makin three years before the tragedy, said: ‘This has been an absolute nightmare. I just want Chloe to rest now.’

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