recipe: Nutritional benefits of garden egg sauce recipe: Nutritional benefits of garden egg sauce

Garden eggs or egg plant could be eaten raw or cooked. The garden egg plant apart from being a healthy vegetable also has numerous health benefits which are essential for the overall development of the human body. Its acceptability cuts across religious, tribal, cultural and ethnic groups in Nigeria, hence the wide usage of the garden egg plant. recipe: Nutritional benefits of garden egg sauce

Eggplant includes a deep dark purplish skin that may often be orange, reddish as well as white in color and even green in appearance. It is well known for its cultural significance to certain tribes.

Garden egg fruit is beneficial and nourishing to the body because it is rich in vitamin which provides the body with both soluble vitamin and water soluble vitamins

Nutritional benefits of garden eggs

1. Garden egg aids in flexibility of blood vessels and cardio protection. Garden eggs help to h relax blood vessels within the heart, enhance circulation as well as help to keep cholesterol levels at balanced levels. The nutrients in eggplant additionally assist in preventing cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrest as well as heart stroke.

2. It regulates blood sugar through glucose absorption and with the help of other various diabetes-fighting nutrients present in eggplants such as ; quercetin, beta-carotene, genistein as well as curcumin. Thereby performing substantial part within the control over type 2diabetes.and high blood pressure.

3. Garden egg consists of plenty of minerals and vitamins just like Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, as well as minerals like calcium and iron. It is just an excellent way to obtain potassium and possesses a higher content of water as well as dietary fiber. Like thiamin, niacin, B6 and

pantothenic acid.

4. It can serve as cholesterol reducing agent. In which on the other hand controls cholesterol l levels.

5. Improves digestive system. Consumption of eggplant on a regular basis might help to improve the digestive system. As well as deal with bowel problems too. Eggplant may also help avoid colon as well as stomach because of the large quantities of potent anti-oxidants within it.

6. It is low calorie and good for weight management Those. People who are attempting to reduce weight may benefit from consuming eggplant since the fiber in eggplant could keep you fuller longer, and that means you will consume less food.

7. It is also good for skin and hair. Ingesting sufficient quantity of water through water itself or even by means of food products just like eggplant are unable to just enhance the quality of the hair and skin, but the general functionality of the body.

8. It is high in folate, manganese, vitamin K ,magnesium, vitamin c and copper for proper body functioning.

9. It contains a source of nasunin, which is a powerful and rare antioxidant for the brain. This content has the capacity to safeguard brain cell membranes from free radical cells from destroying them. The high quantity of B complex vitamins in eggplant also offers the capability to have clearer imaginative minds and stop stress. The anti-oxidants within eggplant have even the capability to avoid brain tumors and also cancer from forming by attacking the free radicals which cause tumors cancers.

10. The nasunin present in egg plant is capable excesses iron build-up within our bodies. Also the presence nasunin and terpene phytonutrients in eggplant improve blood circulation.

11. It richness in phenolic antioxidant compounds help to protect against oxidative stress from exposure to the elements, as well as from infections cause by bacteria and fungi.

12. Eggplant consists of lots of the minerals required to sustain powerful, healthy bones: manganese, potassium, magnesium and copper.

13. Good amount of phenolic acid, anthocyanins and flavonoids antioxidants help protect the body from health risks, like aging, inflammations, and neurological diseases.

14. Although it has been proven that it can be use in the control of acute attacks of asthma. This procedure is still under investigation.

15. It can work as a remedy to quit smoking because it contains small quantities of nicotine. The nicotine within eggplants might help smokers contour cigarette urges while they are attempting to stop smoking if included with their diet.

16. A blend of garden egg with horney will tackle sleeplessness. While B complex vitamins assist to get rest from both mental and physical stress which will help for better night sleep.

15. Eggplant protects against lipid peroxidation through a study performed by the University of California implies that eggplant includes a powerful anti-oxidant known as nasunin, an anthocyanin, which could safeguard lipid peroxidation. Cell membranes are completely comprised of lipids. The lipids safeguard the cell against free-radicals. Yet, quite often, the free radicals grab the essential electrons from lipids and damage cells. This damaging action is known as lipid peroxidation. Ingesting eggplants can eliminate those free-radicals and therefore prevent this action.

16. Nasunin content in eggplant performs the process called chelation. By chelating iron is a means of excreting excessive and accumulated iron that can increase free radicals production which is associated with increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Nasunin lessens free radical formation with numerous beneficial results, including protecting blood cholesterol or lipid or fat from peroxidation; preventing cellular damage that can promote cancer; and lessening free radical damage in joints, which is a primary factor in rheumatoid arthritis.

Ingredients for Garden Egg Sauce

- 8 big garden eggs

- 1 cup palm oil

- 1 onion

- Habanero Pepper & Salt (to taste)

- 1 small ogiri okpei (iru)

- 2 small smoked mackerels


- Purchase garden eggs that are not ripe to prevent the toughness of the seeds. Rinse the garden eggs very well and remove the stalk.

- When cutting an eggplant, use a stainless steel knife as carbon steel will react with its phytonutrients and cause it to turn black. Wash the eggplant first and then cut off the ends. Blend the garden eggs. There are 3 ways to turn the garden eggs into a smooth puree:

a. With a blender: Cut the garden eggs into small pieces, put in a blender and pour just enough water to help the blades of your blender move, blend till smooth.

b. With a mortar and pestle: Boil some water in a pot, add the garden eggs and continue to cook till they are soft. Peel the water-proof skin of the garden eggs, pound in a mortar till a smooth puree is achieved.

c. With a sieve: Cut the garden eggs into small pieces, put the garden egg pieces in a pot and pour some water to the same level as the contents of the pot, cook till the pieces are very soft,  soft enough to melt when you press with a fork, keep cooking till almost water dry. Pour into a sieve with a wire mesh or any other rough sieve and mash it up.

- Cut the onion into small pieces, pound the pepper and ogiri okpei in a mortar till smooth. Prepare the smoked fish and the fish into small pieces.

- Start cooking the yam or the staple food you will serve with the garden egg sauce.

- Pour the garden egg puree into a clean pot and cook till all or almost all the water dries up. Set it aside. (Skip this step if you prepared the garden egg puree using step b above)

- Pour the palm oil (preferable for the unique taste and aroma) into a clean dry pot and heat it up. Do not bleach it; you only need to heat till a piece of onion sizzles when added to the hot oil. When the oil is hot enough, add the onions and fry for about 2 minutes.

- Add the garden egg puree and stir for a bit. Cover the pot and cook-fry for some time and stir again. Cook till the small amount of water in the puree dried up. Add the ogiri okpei and habanero pepper blend then add salt.

- Add the smoked fish, stir, cover and leave to simmer and it is ready.

By Contributor - Oluremilekun Osobu-Asubiojo


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