Mimiko Betrayed Us, Says Tinubu

Mimiko Betrayed Us, Says Tinubu

Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu at the weekend spoke with reporters on national issues in London. He was on his way to the Democratic Party’s Convention in the United States. Excerpts:


On Ondo election

Mimiko is a traitor. We are going to defeat him without rigging. He has betrayed others in the past. He got into the late Chief Adebayo Adefarati’s executive council in 1999, betrayed him and moved to the Peoples Democratic Pary (PDP). He later betrayed Olusegun Agagu and came back. 

He promised that within 30 days of his declaration when we were fighting the case in the court, he would join Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and after being sworn in, he started dilly-dallying. That is his trait. He’s not principled; a person with character would not do that definitely. 

Adebanjo’s stone at ACN 

We don’t know them in ACN and they have tried as much as possible to work against us; it is not new. They were in PAC, they sold the defunct Alliance for Democracy (AD) to former President Olusegun Obasanjo. They came under the Democratic People Alliance (DPA), they failed, they went to bed with Gbenga Daniel in Ogun State, they failed. They are still going to fail. I don’t see what is Afenifere in that.   

Lagos traffic law 

What is anti-people in the law? The law is against those who want to violate the traffic. For instance, if you smoke and the cigarette light drops on you while you are driving, it can lead to an accident. So, why not be patient till you get to where you are going. Why can’t they obey simple law like in any other country. 

The opposition parties who are criticising the law are benefit of ideas. Governance is about ideas. The law is for safety and the government has the responsibility to guarantee the safety of lives primarily, then properties. So, you are saving lives and property. 

A vehicle is an asset 

People should learn to obey simple laws; it is for their own good; it is not by government. If you are not in violation, no one will arrest you. If you are in violation, no court will listen to you. And if you don’t have money to defend yourself, the Office of the Public Defender is there, established by the government for those who don’t have money. We should clap for the government. Everybody wants the easy way out. Nigerians will urinate even in the water they will drink. 

We have to be civilised. Look at how clean this place is. 

The N5, 000 note 

It is an indication of devaluation. It is not his own problem. He is a banker for the entire nation. He keeps an eye on the economy and comes up with policies. The problem that we have is that we are spending what we don’t have. We are not managing our resources very well. If you are losing over $6 billion in oil revenue to theft. If you are losing $6 billion to $10 billion to subsidy theft, and if you’re spending 75 per cent of your budget to service recurrent expenditure and you’re borrowing for no long term activities and development that will sustain the nation on the long term, you get devaluation and you’re seeing the effect of devaluation. 

The economy is on reverse; it’s a yoyo economy. This government is not serious; they don’t know what they are doing. 


Source: Naija.ng

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