PDP Celebrating 14 Years Of Waste –Lagos ACN

PDP Celebrating 14 Years Of Waste –Lagos ACN

The Action Congress of Nigeria, Lagos State chapter, has condemned the Peoples Democratic Party for allegedly wasting Nigeria’s resources in the past 14 years.

In a statement by the ACN State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, in Lagos on Wednesday, the party said the PDP should be held responsible for the depletion of the country’s resources.

The ACN said, “PDP is loudly celebrating 14 years of its ruinous reign in Nigeria with mischievous pomp. But the question is: what are Nigerians celebrating the PDP for in these past 14 years?

“For a party that cares about its image, it would have been apt for the PDP to find out who and who is celebrating with it at this very stretch in Nigerian history.

“It would have found out if the last 14 years have left Nigerians better than before its unfortunate advent.”

It claimed the PDP had nothing worth celebrating aside the continuous security instability and degrading standards of living.

The party stated, “We wonder what PDP is thumping its chest about. Is it the chain of unresolved political assassinations that assumed a frightening frenzy in the last 14 years?

“Is it the poverty level that has risen to over 80 per cent in a period Nigeria harvested trillions of naira from oil proceeds?

“Is it the widespread cases of armed robbery, which the government has accepted as a way of life in PDP’s Nigeria?”

The ACN said Nigeria could be compared to war-torn Somalia due to the recent upsurge of kidnappings, robberies, suicide bombings which it claimed commenced under the tutelage of the PDP.

It said Nigerians had learnt their lessons and were ready for a change.

“We want them (PDP) to know that Nigeria has grown weary and tired of its unproductive, corrupt governance and will certainly offload the PDP in 2015,” ACN said.




Source: Naija.ng

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