‘Stay Happy, Avoid Cancer’

‘Stay Happy, Avoid Cancer’

Alternative healers believe that illness is associated with imbalances in the psycho-emotional-spiritual state. This means that negative conditions in the human energy field (HEF) are believed to cause illnesses.

‘Stay Happy, Avoid Cancer’

OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA writes on how cancer, especially of the breast, is formed and how to rid it in women.

Are you always unhappy, irritable, and angry or display other negative emotions? Beware you may be heading towards the formation of cancer.

A practitioner, Dr Godwin Ihesie, who was under the tutelage of  the late Elizabeth Kafaru has linked cancer development to negative emotions such as anger.

According to him, the greatest cause of systemic pollution and blood poisoning is without doubt, recurrent negative thoughts, suppressed negative emotions, anger, worries, anxiety, fear, grief, hate, envy and jealousy, unforgiving spirit, lack of love, among other harmful emotions. 

“It is marriage disappointment or disappointment in love matters, which often leads to serious emotional breakdown and disturbances in the harmony between the soul and the body, especially in women.

“And almost 90 per cent of women who develop breast cancers are often victims of sundry emotional disturbances, in the accord between the soul and the body,” he stated.

According to him, other experts have always looked at the other things that pollute the bloodstream today- eating foods contaminated with artificial flavours, colourings, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, inhalation of tobacco smoke, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and certain drugs, the use of strong bathing soaps, cosmetics, among others, but have not really examined the link between negative emotions and cancer. 

He said: “The science of phycho-neuro-immunology (i.e. the study of the connections between the brain, the nervous system, and our physical bodies) has shown that our thoughts, feelings and emotions affect our body and we are, actually, what we think we are. This is so because our thoughts, feelings and emotions are translated into electrical impulses that trigger biochemical changes that affect our bodies in like manners.

“It has been proven that stress and chronic stress negatively affects every aspect of our health, especially the immune system because they cause what is regarded as psycho-physical imbalances. For example, when one holds on to evil or negative thoughts, or emotions or violent fits of anger, deep inner hatred, jealousy, and not willing to forgive, the body is triggered to produce high voltage chemicals such as adrenaline, non-adrenaline, cortisone, etc. These are the chemicals, which in real dangerous situations, prepare the body for what is known as Fight-or-flight reactions.”

Dr Ihesie, who now runs his own health shop and clinic based in Iju area of Lagos State, said: “However when these chemicals are not consumed or burnt off they put the body in a state of chronic stress or inner disharmony, and chronic stress can, according to health researchers, weaken the detoxification activities of the liver; which neutralises and flushes out toxins (heavy metals, environmental pollutants.) from the body. 

“It is believed that recurrent negative emotion and bad thoughts (chronic stress) often behaves like the free radicals that can initiate and promote the binding of cancer-causing agents to DNA molecules in the breast tissues and other organs. The recurrent negative emotion destroys the part of the immune system that destroys cancerous cells as soon as they appear in the body. 

“Such also cause glandular disturbances that can result in growths in the breast or in the womb. Unresolved and unexpressed anger, fear and resentments are known to destabilise the body’s physiological and biochemical processes, producing toxic chemical substances that can give rise to the disturbances in the information flow between the hypothalamus, the pituitary glands and the reproductive organs and this communication gap results in hormonal imbalance.”

But for those doubting Thomases, Dr Ihesie explained that many degenerative diseases of our time have been found to be caused by a long standing condition of deep inner disturbances and disharmony in thoughts and emotions.

He said: “Strong negative emotions are known to weaken the liver, disturb the glandular system; and above all, destroy the part of the immune system that inactivates or engulfs cancerous cells as soon as they appear in the body or breasts. 

“The degree of malignancy is a function of the degree of retained anger, resentment and the inability to forgive and forget. Furthermore, studies have shown that: anger weakens the protective functions of the liver and gall bladder - leading to their diseases; causes serious damage to the heart and the brain, depression and general shock, stroke; suppresses the body’s innate ability to resist diseases, such as ulcer, arthritis, gout; and also induces premature aging and shortens the life span of an individual.

“Jealousy and fear weaken the kidneys and their detoxification functions. Fear paralyzes the spirit and breaks the psychic defences. A deep inner and excessive grief weakens the body generally, especially the liver; and grossly lowers the body’s abilities to resist the establishment of cancerous centres. In fact, the list of disease manifesting physically due to deep inner disharmony is endless.”

And the way out of developing negative emotions that can thermostat cancer, especially breast cancer in women? Dr Ihesie suggested: “The life of the physical body (flesh) is said to be in the blood. A pure bloodstream with the right composition is the most favourable soil for a healthy breast. To maintain a pure blood, holistic health providers usually advice the women, to adopt a wholesome and health enhancing lifestyle and habits; such as eating enough organically grown foods, and to strive to maintain purity of their femininity and thoughts, to avoid all kinds of masculine activities, to listen to good and soul uplifting music, to have pure love and deep inner appreciation for the little things of nature and beauty, reading good books, that are soul lifting. Above all, they should keep spiritual vigilance and alertness and pray for God’s guidance in times of confusion, doubts and distress.”

He lamented that unfortunately, in our era, health studies and researches give preference only to the physical body and usually the ways the patients thinks his/her emotions and behaviour are grossly neglected. The ancient health care givers believed that the only effective, true, curative, and preventive therapy stem from the ways we live and what we think.

Quoting an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), Dr Ihesie, the notable practitioner of experience that has spanned four decades said:” disease is in essence the result of a conflict between soul and mind and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.  No effort directed to the body alone can do more than superficially repair damage and in this, there is no cure since the cause is still operative and may at any moment again demonstrate its presence in another form.

“And just as Dr. Richard Gerber, the author of Vibrational Medicine - the Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies wrote, and I quote, ‘A system of medicine which denies or ignores its existence (spirit) will be incomplete because it leaves out the most fundamental quality of human existence, the spiritual dimension.”

“So, the first step towards effective prevention of breast cancer is really to be truly being a noble woman – being faithful, and at all cost to preserve her biological and spiritual superiority, and never to imitate men in any way or form. The delicate female body may interpret strenuous exercises or extreme fluctuating body weight as chronic stress. Therefore, unwomanly exercises as seen in some competitive athletes and weight reduction methods through crash dieting should be avoided. However, moderate exercises are encouraged,” he stated.

Source: Naija.ng

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