Nokia Lumia 920 Comes To Town

Nokia Lumia 920 Comes To Town

Nokia has not given up on the battle to take back its topmost position in world mobile market. Its activities in recent times, suggests so. Some of its latest devices points clearly to the fact. From PureView 808 with its wonder 41 megapixels camera to Lumia 610, 800, 900 among others are part of the wonders that would make the expected networked society a magical world.

Yet, the device maker is not satisfied and to prove so, it had just pushed out another flagship smartphone, the Lumia 920. The new device will be powered by Microsoft’s next-generation Windows Phone platform, tagged Windows Phone 8.

Nokia is saying that the new device will even be accompanied by a mid-tier sibling, the Lumia 820.

Although Samsung just introduced a prototype of its first Windows 8 OS phone which it tagged, Samsung ATIV S, last week, Nokia’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Elop said that at leat Nokia was the first off to introduce the real and active device running on the Microsoft’s amazing Windows phone platform.

Nokia, through its EVP of Smart Devices, Jo Harlow, described the Lumia 920, as the most innovative smartphone in the world.

The device spots features including an 8.7-megapixel PureView camera. Harlow said the camera was designed to overcome the challenges users face when using the smartphone camera as the only camera.

The camera also spots an improved performance in low-light situations and a 4.5-inch Puremotion HD+, WXGA display, described as better than HD resolution.

The new device has an updated package of location services, like Maps, Drive and Transport apps. The Lumia 920 also includes integrated wireless charging, using the Qi wireless charging standard. There are also accessories like charging pillow and music dock.

Meanwhile the accompanying device, Lumia 820 also shares many features with the Lumia 920, but with changes like a smaller, lower-resolution display (4.3-inch WVGA); less capable camera with 8MP autofocus with Carl Ziess optics.

It also has less on-board storage, 8GB rather than 32GB, but with microSD memory card support for the low-end device.

The Lumia 820 also features an “exchangeable shell design”, enabling users to select from a range and add Qi wireless charging support.

The devices are both powered by 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm processors instead of the usual quad-core processors used by some high-end Android devices.


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