I am Delighted to Be a Chelsea Player - Victor Moses

I am Delighted to Be a Chelsea Player - Victor Moses

I am Delighted to Be a Chelsea Player - Victor Moses

Chelsea and Super Eagles new sensation, Victor Moses in this interview with Shot! said he is delighted to be part of a great club like Chelsea and is looking forward to helping the London club win more trophies. He also said he is enjoying a cordial relationship with John Mikel Obi. Here are the excerpts.

You have just moved to Chelsea, how is the feeling for like?

I feel great being a player of Chelsea, I am kind of delighted. It is kind of unbelievable experience. I am looking forward great things as a Chelsea player. It is a great club that has won trophies and now that I am a part of Chelsea, I am looking forward to winning more trophies with the club.

What gives you the confidence that Chelsea can retain the UEFA Champions League and also win the English Premier League?

I am confident because Chelsea has great players. We can retain the Champions League trophy and also win the Premiership.

Would you say your move to Chelsea is dream come true?

It is definitely true. Chelsea is a great club. They have won trophies so it is great being part of such a great club. I am delighted. I am looking forward to a fulfilling season.

Did you at anytime entertain fears that the deal might not work out?

To be honest with you, for those who know me, I like playing football. I was not worried, I said if it works out fine, if it doesn't, fine, I just keep playing my football. I just got to carry on. Now it has worked out so I am delighted

Would you say the Chelsea deal is rewarding financially?

It's so good. It is good.

How is your relationship with the other Nigerian player in Chelsea, John Mikel Obi?

Mikel is a great lad. He is good guy as far as I am concerned. We speak all the time on the training pitch. He is a fantastic guy. I respect him a lot and I think he will continue doing well for Chelsea. Having a Nigerian player is good. We communicate and talk a lot more stuff, yeah he is a great player. Not just Mikel, I know a few more players and I am feeling at home in Chelsea.

How are you looking forward to your debut for Chelsea?

I am looking forward to my debut with great expectations. Whenever I come on, first or second half, whatever time I come on, I am looking forward to it. I just want to keep improving week in week out. It is said the more you play, the more experience you get. I am looking forward to my debut.

How are you preparing for the match against Lone Star considering reports that the pitch in Monrovia is not the best for such a match?

Okay, we all looking forward to it. We have been training hard this season. Come Saturday we should be able to record a win. We shouldn't really worry about the pitch. We are looking forward to it though.

What should Nigerians expect from you?

To be honest with you it is not all about me. It is eleven players on the pitch. I am not the only player on the pitch. We need to play as a team. Eleven players on the pitch and that's it. We are working hard and if we continue to work with this commitment, I don't see anything stopping us from winning on Saturday.

Nigerians expect you to score on Saturday. Any assurance you will score against Lone Star?

To be honest with you, if I play a game, I wanna score. If the opportunity comes, I will score but to sit down and say I will score, I find it hard to say such.

Are you under any pressure anytime you turn out for the Super Eagles?

I don't think so. I played a lot of Games and I don't see anything about pressure like that as long as I am on the pitch. I normally work hard and stuffs. I just keep working hard as I always do. We all need every player on the pitch to do the work for us on Saturday.

Source: Sports.naija.ng

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