TOP 10: Your Guide To The Most Readable Newspapers in Nigeria

TOP 10: Your Guide To The Most Readable Newspapers in Nigeria

TOP 10: Your Guide To The Most Readable Newspapers in Nigeria

It is widely known that Nigeria has one of the most pulsating media systems in Africa. Over 100 national and local newspapers and publications operate here, some of them are owned by the state government. The Nigerian newspapers include esteemed dailies, well-liked tabloids and periodicals that defend the welfare of ethnic groups in Nigeria.

According to the latest research, people in Nigeria prefer reading the following 10 newspapers:

1. The Vanguard - one of the most influential privately owned newspapers of Nigeria, based in the city of Lagos. The Vanguard aims to become the most widely circulated newspaper in the country with the broadest news coverage and outstanding service delivery. It has a general section on national news, and also covers area-specific news of Niger-Delta, the East, the Southwest, and the North. The Vanguard has a separate section on reader opinions as well.

2. The Sun - this Nigeria newspaper provides news regarding current national affairs, entertainment, sports, Nigerian politics, and international news. It has played a substantial role in creating a public opinion amongst the local people. The Sun newspaper also provides news to their on-line clients who are unable to read the daily newspapers. The Sun newspaper often raises topics of national importance, poverty and other social issues.

3. The Guardian is one of the oldest newspapers of Nigeria. The Guardian in Nigeria is attracting more and more international readers in the recent times as well. There is also an on-line version of Guardian that has a large number of audience inside as well as outside the country of Nigeria. It has a good coverage on news regarding business, entertainment and politics and the policies that are implemented by the government towards the betterment of the Nigerian society.

4. The Punch newspaper - one of the most popular newspapers because of its presentation skills. This newspaper harps more on sports, entertainment and local news. This newspaper also delivers news on-line, which is viewed by people inside as well as outside the country of Nigeria. The coverage of international news, political and social issues have improved in the recent times, and the newspaper has been quite vocal about the ways of the government.

5. This Day - delivers clarified news regarding business news, political issues, entertainment and cinema, festivals and events. It is one of the most powerful newspapers of Nigeria that voices the grievances of the Nigerian people. This newspaper is widely published in most of the African countries and is very much in demand amongst the people of Nigeria.

6. The Nation - a newspaper that publishes clarified news for the common people of Nigeria, and is one of the regional newspapers in Nigeria. This newspaper covers different kinds of news: local news, news regarding important festivals and events, social and political issues, business affairs and sports news. The government policies have been criticized by this newspaper and many political issues have been dealt with in great detail by The Nation.

7. Complete Sports (CS) - Nigeria’s number one all-sports daily newspaper. The primary focus of CS is sports news about Nigeria and the exploits of Nigerian sportsmen and women, both at home and abroad. CS is circulated nationwide in Nigeria and partly in neighbouring countries, Benin Republic and Cameroun. CS newspapers have the largest circulation figures in Nigeria in the sports category, and the second largest circulation in the general newspaper category.

8. The New Age - one of the most reputed newspapers of Nigeria. The newspaper has always provided news regarding politics, entertainment, cinema and other local news, unbiased in nature. This newspaper devotes pages on topics regarding the social conditions of the people of Nigeria, the policies of the government, political scenario of Nigeria and international news.

9. Daily Trust - the aim of this newspaper is to be a world class media company that earns public trust, to disseminate credible information for the good of all stakeholders. The core values are editorial integrity, ethical conduct, professionalism, constant innovation, production excellence, national unity and African brotherhood, world peace and sustainable development.

10. The Nigerian Tribune - the oldest surviving private newspaper in Nigeria, the principal goal of which is to remain the best newspaper, with unassailable quality of value-added service in news gathering and information dissemination to every Nigerian.



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