Governor Lamido: Anointed For 2015 Presidency

Governor Lamido: Anointed For 2015 Presidency

Governor Lamido: Anointed For 2015 Presidency

Recently, president Goodluck Jonathan decried his rating as the most criticized president in the world, even though he is not responsible for the insecurity, socio-economic crisis and other predicaments militating against the country.

Yet, what may have probably been more challenging is the way and manner his party (PDP), his political god father, General Obasanjo, party elders and statesmen like General Ibrahim Babangida and other prominent personalities who acted as principal accessories to his 2011 poll victory, have started shopping for another candidate in person of Jigawa state Governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido, for the 2015 general elections.

Recently, media reports revealed that the former president, General Olusegun Obasanjo, proposed a joint presidential ticket between Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa state, and Governor Rotimi Amechi of Rivers state for the next presidential elections in 2015.

The statement credited to the erstwhile chairman, PDP Board of Trustees, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has generated a lot of comments from the public, on why he starts looking for another candidate less than 2 years into the first tenure of Mr. president Goodluck Jonathan, the person he vigorously supported and campaigned for his election.

Some political observers interpret Obasabjo’s statement to indicate his dissatisfaction with Jonathan’s style of administration, hence his resolve to substitute him with another candidate, while still, others view the action as a desperate move to extricate himself from the current unpleasant situation in the country.

In any case, however, people may politically view Obasanjo’s action; he was not the only person in the agitation for a new person to who over the country on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, come 2015.

Only recently, a high powered delegation of the PDP national caucus made an official visit to Jigawa, when it described governor Lamido as one of the few Nigerians that can fit into the country’s presidential seat in 2015, as according to the delegation, Lamido is progressive and well conversant with the PDP manifesto.

The chairman of the visiting PDP national caucus, Senator Onyeabo Obi, who spoke on behalf of the party, appraised governor Lamidi as having the required experience and patriotism needed as handy credentials to lead the country.

Obi noted that, from the way Governor sule Lamido runs his style of people’s centered administration, it is a manifestation of his high concern, consciousness and commitment to the plight of the common man.

“We went round Dutse state capital, inspected some completed and ongoing developmental projects executed by governor Lamido’s administration, we are highly impressed by the way within a short time he changed the face of the state capital, reorganized the state and put it on a clear defined road to prosperity”.

“The tremendous achievements of governor Lamido is clear indication that, if given chance to lead the country he will be very useful,” Mr Obi said. Former Nigerian military president and presidential aspirant under the PDP in 2011 General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida has also expressed his support for Jigawa state governor Alhaji Sule Lamido, to contest for the seat of Nigerian president in 2015.

This elder statesman opinion came barely a few weeks after media reports which said former President Olusegun Obasanjo has suggested and endorsed Lamido/Amechi presidential ticket for 2015.

General Babangida made the remarks while chairing a public lecture organised to mark the 21 anniversary of the creation of Jigawa state which held at manpower development center Dutse. IBB noted that, the way governor Sule Lamido transformed Jigawa state through laudable developmental projects is an appreciable effort worthy of commendation.

He also expressed satisfaction on how governor Lamid abolished the emirate dichotomy, a traditional sentiment which remains a stumbling block for Jigawa state development since its creation.

“I created Jigawa state in 1991. I know the state in the past and I went round the state this week I saw smiles on the faces of Jigawa people and I also noticed how they are cherishing their governor, this symbolised that, your Lamido are connected with your people”.

“I am optimistic that, if the Nigerian constitution has allowed for third or fourth term, Governor Lamido would have no problems to win the state governorship election at all times. Since the constitution did not allow for third term, I am praying for you to proceed to “Aso rock” after your two terms as Jigawa state governor, as I heard many people praying for you”

Babangida however described Governor Lamido as a star and best among other state governors,“Thanks for exhibiting good governance in the last five years, We have one small militry proverb which says “ it is not the weapon that matters but the person behind the weapon”.

“Lamido has proved that, as Jigawa appeared to be the most rapidly progressing state in terms of physical development in the last five years despite its meagre resources compared with others,” IBB said.

The issue of who will contest election under the PDP in 2015 is not the business or the main issue worrying Nigerians, rather, they are after of having a credible person who can lead the country with sincerity, patriotism and foresight, who can bail out the country from the most critical condition, ever which in fact threaten its existence as a single entity.

However it is generally believed that, the act of imposing candidates would never help solve the problems facing the country, rather it is only a free and fair election that can pave way for a credible candidate who has mandate of the people and the one who can lead with justice and fairness.


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