Gay killing at Orlando nightclub - People react

Gay killing at Orlando nightclub - People react

Authorities in Florida were force to declared a state of emergency after a terrorist attack killed 50 at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Gay killing at Orlando nightclub - People react

Police troop to the scene of the attack in Orlando.

The attack which was carried out on Sunday, June 12, left about 53 other people injured.

Florida authorities declared a state of emergency, just as Buddy Dyer, Orlando’s mayor, announced the casualties. “We are dealing with something we never imagined.

“Because of the scale I have called Governor Scott to request a state of emergency and we are issuing a state of emergency in the city,” Dryer said.

Gay killing at Orlando nightclub - People react

Several reactions have trailed the shooting in Orlando, as diverse opinions have been shared regarding gay rights, jungle justice and the place of religion. All over social media, Nigerians and the rest of the world has spoken on the incident with regards to their various ideologies and religious inclinations.

A Facebook user named Isa Madaki's said: "Thank God o kill all the gays" this controversial statement opened a channel of dialogues, as many either toed the line of thought, while others differed, some even gunning for Isa Madaki himself.

Toeing Madaki's line of thought, John Chibuzor Chimezie said: "If only the terrorist can help us to kill those demons, we will appreciate it, gay is the world most highest immorality."

Gay killing at Orlando nightclub - People react

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In the same vein, Michael Young said: "Donate blood to save the gays? I would be the last person to do that. I would rather give vampires my blood than to donate in order for gays to be saved."

Another user named Raheem labelled many as Ignorant with regards to rubbing the incident on the face of Islam. He said: "People are being obnoxious. They were attacked by terrorists no confirmations that they are Muslim terrorists yet. What you people don't know is that every religion has terrorists, Muslim terrorists, Christians terrorists, Hindus terrorists, Buddhist terrorists and so on.

Terrorism is not any denomination monopoly," Raheem stressed, adding "And all terrorists are not doing the will of God and are not following the scripture of any religion. Terrorism is a political game."

Usman Bello said: "If u can't say anything nice in this moment of grief, then please be silent. 50 people were killed at a nightclub- it could be any type of nightclub, 50 families today are affected - for what? The human race is failing by the day. It's a pity, " Bello lamented.

Goddy Nwosu said: "Killing people is unacceptable irrespective of what motivated the killer. Nobody can tell who will be the next victim, stop praising a killer and stop protecting or defending any group of people killing in the name of religion."

"Someone killed more than 50 people in USA and many Nigerians are rejoicing because we abhor homosexuality. We abhor homosexuality does not mean we have the right to take their lives.

Gay killing at Orlando nightclub - People react

Police in Florida say one of their officers was saved from the attackers bullet by his helmet.

"I feel so pained by the comments I see here. Too many Christian terrorists in Nigeria, they forget that fornication and Adultery in the past would likely carry same capital punishment.

"why do you people select the Old Testament laws, choose to implement them and in other cases claim that they are in New Testament and then throw away those other laws because it affects them?

"I'm not happy with the way we have no respect for human life.  Shame to this generation that lacks the basic common sense of tolerance," Chidi Mark k Said.

Chidi Markk continued saying: "Every Nigerian here who is pretending to feel remorse over the killing of more than 50 gays in USA, but wishes homosexuals death in Nigeria is a total hypocrite. I am someone who hates political correctness to the least."

"About 2 weeks ago, a Gay boy in Lagos was posted, I tried to educate Nigerians and Africans to do away with that mentality of wanting to kill homosexuals because we disagree with their acts. 98% of those who responded to my comment attacked me and called me gay, just for telling them that you can hate the act just as I do, but never think of harming or killing them, that's much more evil act to kill homosexuals, especially when you are taking laws into your own hands.

"Once again I want to educate Nigerians and Africans, most of us dislike the homosexual acts just as any other sin, but please if you can't pray for them or engage them in a lovely, reasonable and logical debate, forget them instead of wishing them death.

"I know you guys will still call me gay, I'm not and i owe no one any obligation to admit or deny it. I'm so worried because 98% of our people believe in killing homosexuals even via jungle justice. Why are you then condemning this one in USA?

Gay killing at Orlando nightclub - People react

"What is the difference between a pastor who preaches that gays should be killed and and a Muslim imam who preaches that gays should be killed. What you preach in churches and mosques is same thing ISIS preaches and they have fulfilled your preaching.

"For emphasis, I'm a strong Christian. Please if you still wish gays death and claim to call this act Islamic terrorism, you all are also potential Christian/Muslim terrorists.

"I'm not friendly to Islam if you know me well, but sometimes common sense tells us that we Christians can act as Islamic terrorist when we have the opportunity to do so and cover it with your bible.

"For example, If there is any attempt by homosexuals in Nigeria to have a gay meeting in the open. I'm certain that Nigerians will descend on them, kill/burn many before security forces could come. Gays have been mobbed and killed in Nig and we didn't call it terrorism, sorry, we have been acting like terrorists.

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"We are all potential terrorists. Unless you learn the common sense of tolerance. A homosexual sins against himself and God, so allow God to judge them unless there is already a country law. It's not like a criminal whose sin affects the third person, himself and God.

I'm just trying to make common sense," said Chidi Markk

Lending his voice to reason, McDavid Samuel said: "In as much as a good number of us abhor gay, and come to think of it God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for that very act, is not permissible to take the life of anyone you have not created.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama and the Pope have also reacted to the shocking development.

The US president on Sunday expressed heartbreak at the “horrific massacre” of 50 late-night revelers in Orlando, branding it an act of terror and hate.

“Although it’s still early in the investigation, we know enough to say that this was an act of terror and an act of hate,” Obama said, later ordering flags at half-staff as an act of mourning.

In the same vein, Pope Francis on Sunday condemned the “homicidal folly and senseless hatred” a massacre at a gay nightclub in the US in which at least 50 people died.

The attack “has caused in Pope Francis, and in all of us, the deepest feelings of horror and condemnation… before this new manifestation of homicidal folly and senseless hatred”, said a statement from the Holy See.

The attack in which a gunman opened fire at the packed nightclub in Orlando, Florida, is the worst mass shooting in US history. “We all hope that ways may be found, as soon as possible, to effectively identify and contrast the causes of such terrible and absurd violence,” the Holy See statement added.

The FBI said they were investigating the possible radical Islamic “leanings” of the suspect, identified by US media as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, a US citizen of Afghan descent.


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