Nigeria a nation shrowded in darkness - Nigerian poets react

Nigeria a nation shrowded in darkness - Nigerian poets react

What is read in the news these days is enough make every well meaning Nigerian sad, much more make them afraid for their future, the future of their children and that of their fatherland.

There tends to be no sector of the country which is really doing well. The Nigerian Senate is plagued with its leaders faces charges for which many would have thrown in the towel. There are indications that the house is divided, even on the issue of the leadership of Nigeria by President Muhammadu Buhari. Trust is lost, truth is missing and we have no virtues anymore.

The media feasts on the ills that tends to multiply by the day, a miracle is urgently needed to save the nation.

These poets have reacted to the Nigerian situation, however, their poems cuts beyond Nigeria and Africa, to a world that seem to have lost its way. The madness is everywhere, death is not the worst we fear, we fear more what living has become.

The First Tooth.

The first tooth wasn’t lured by oil and salt

To breaking the seal of the gum

The first tooth was called up by milk.

…Milk in form of life itself.

The first tooth fell in a coup

For the want of oil, spice and wine

For the want of meat, red and white

For the want of caffeine and plastics.

And life went-on with the chewing of all these things

And the king tooth changed in color

That it’s become yellow, green, grey and black

And it’s all colors except its first

That in strength, it curves the cap of a cork

…and let the gas to the skies;

That it tears the bark of the earth and let the tears flow

And in height, it’s become a fang

And grow beyond the circles of the lips

To scare sweat and blood off pores

And thereafter, fall and lost in wingless dust.

Now with this tooth, we can find the truth…

…the coup that led the first tooth to the roof

In the company of seven earthly angels.

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Nigeria a nation shrowded in darkness - Nigerian poets react

Dare Dan is a spoken word poet. He lives in Lagos and work in Lagos. He goes by the handle @damilaredan121 on twitter.

Lost Memory

Dark mood.


It seems we’ve forgotten

How joyfully we walked into

Promises made by coming soon

Do we need a new pair of shoe

Or we are peering into holes

As our penchants dictate that we should

He went viral, saying yes we can

Four years after, he appears as if carrying an empty can

Black hair turning white

A tea party never thought hiatus was fun, and were now running wild

Real commonsense saw signs

A speech which began by a praise of his wife

Turned his fortunes around

So he won another round

Now ratings show him trending higher than Ronald ever did

I wish I can tell you, he’s perfect in everything

His words often are not polished

He has a history of deeds, and myriad of things he abolished

His flaws often gape

Heavily accented words, which gives few away

You may have been to his gallery, his collections are scant

They say he’s a protectionist, that may be his art

It’s true things are slow

It’s true we’ve moved back, and basic radiance is now a dimmer shade of normal glow

But I can feel a train coming

Remember the night was stormy

If rain comes in the morning

In the early days, a lover judges intentions

When x walked away from math, it was because x placed her in detention

Dividends were stuck in vandalized pipelines

An apple sliced down the middle, was divvied even further

So they could shower in the public fountain and glisten longer in the limelight

They seeded lands to girl-takers

Turned their own warriors to serial undertakers

Debts followed emptied tills

In the aftermath of a disaster, we discovered how stealing kills

It’s often sad how garbage cannot be left in the trash

Because of artificial tribal marks

Two seeing eyes could be blinded by prejudice

It will also color the mind and poison the tongue

A half full glass thereafter looks half empty

Making every one of us feel our conditions have never been worse

Because we have mostly lost our memory…

By Akeem Oyalowo


Go tell my son

Go tell my son…

the things he sees today

that glow with glitz and might,

are things we saw before

bowed to hollow naught.

Tell him…

the seed he plants today

shall bear fruits

of good or ills

that’ll feed his nation’s bowel


remind him…

that life is full of thorns

that hide in transient home

where saints are robbed of garb

and crowned with thorny tags


encourage him…

never to date a cause

to tear a man apart

with  pleasant spiteful words

to win an oath of thanks


prod him…

to denounce his wedding vows

to things that fade with time

and sign a seal of love with

eternity’s friendly br*asts


counsel him…

to open a heart account

where deposits of love are kept

to earn bounty yields


Remind him…

to forget not the days of humble start,

when poverty courted us

And spend as wise he can

The wealth he has for now


Warn him…

this path he chose to thread

shall bring pain and gain along,

but love shall see him through

when fouled by aching throes.


Here I am now

stripped off - of life’s vanity’s veil

where all I had before

rests on transient’s desk


Advise him…

to attend funeral service

where kings are lowered to dust

perhaps that will make him see

the twists that life presents


Allow him…

to make his heartfelt choice

when adulthood beckons on him

so he may make his falls

and take a cue from that.


Tell him,,,

I swear I’ll cry again

if he fails to heed my words

and do the things he should

that lead to lofty Heights.

Nigeria a nation shrowded in darkness - Nigerian poets react

Mikail Oluwadare Bashir is a creative writer. His passion for the screen led him to Hampton Court Studio UK, where he obtained a Diploma in Screenwriting in 2009. He has attended local and international residencies. His poems had been published both in print media and online.


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