True Muslims will not kill Christians - Sani

True Muslims will not kill Christians - Sani

- Anthony Sani condemned the killing of Christians in Nigeria

- He said true Muslims are not responsible for attacks on Christians

- The Arewa chieftain accused Boko Haram of masterminding killing of Christians to create religious tension

Anthony Sani who is a former national publicity secretary of the Arewa Consultative Forum has condemned the killing of Christians in the country and said true Muslims are expected to love their Christian counterparts.

In an interview with The Punch, the spokesman for northern delegates in the last National Conference said those who claimed to be killing Christians in the name of Islam were terrorists and not practising any religion.

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He said: “I do not share the view that Islam is a religion of violence. What is happening is that terrorists are using religion to legitimise their heinous activities for worldly ends. That is precisely what Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and even the Lord’s Resistance Army of Uganda have been doing. But the recent killings in Saudi Arabia, the bombing of mosques, market places and motor parks by Boko Haram as well as the recent killing of one Ms. Aisha in the precinct of Abuja have betrayed the motives which could be for anything but for Allah. And that may explain why President Barack Obama was given Nobel Prize for making a clear distinction between terrorism and Islam; a scenario that has helped in no small measure to encourage Islamic countries to join the coalition of the 66 countries led by the US and the United Kingdom against ISIS.”

True Muslims will not kill Christians - Sani

Asked about the killing of the wife of a pasor in Abuja, the Arewa chieftain said no true Muslim would commit such a crime.

“I do not believe a true Muslim would decide to murder people for no justifiable reasons. I read that one Aisha was also killed in Abuja. But it is possible that elements of the desiccated Boko Haram sect are doing that as a strategy to inspire reprisals by Christians for the purpose of engendering a religious conflict. Mind you, the terrorists have been doing everything possible to bring about religious conflict that would bolster their strength for terrorism under the guise of Jihad. No true Muslim would embark on killing of innocent people for no just cause. But for strategic reasons, the killers give their criminal activities Islamic colouration.

“I recently overheard some members of Boko Haram who have surrendered regretting their actions on grounds that they were hoodwinked into believing they were fighting Jihadists only for them to discover innocent Muslims and innocent Christians were being killed in churches, mosques, motor parks and markets, whereas Jihadists are expected to target only evil people. But I understand why it is much easier for these terrorists to use Islam to legitimise their crimes. This is precisely because there are still three Islamic countries namely: Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan which still practise Islamic theocracy with Sharia as the constitution. Christendom has since outgrown Christian theocracy with ‘the Inquisition’ as the constitution in favour of secularity. And that was why when the Lord’s Resistance Army of Uganda attempted to use Christian theocracy that the government should be guided by the Ten Commandments; it could not get traction. I am pretty sure that as soon as the remaining three Islamic countries outgrow Islamic theocracy with Sharia as the constitution, the terrorists who seek to use Islam as a strategy to legitimise their terrorism would have nothing more to use.”

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On the issue of whether Muslims were on a mission to wipe out Christians from Nigeria, Sani said this was no true.

“I do not share that view because were there such plans by Muslims to wipe out the majority of Christians, the majority of Muslims would have joined the terrorists. It is also vital to note that President Muhammadu Buhari, who is a devoted Muslim, would not be leading the fight against Boko Haram which claims to be fighting for Jihad. Were there such a plan, most of the Islamic countries would not be among the coalition of 66 countries against Islamic terrorism.”

You may read full interview here.


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