DIG Ahmadu didn’t like air travel – Wife

DIG Ahmadu didn’t like air travel – Wife

If retired Deputy Inspector-General of Police, John Ahmadu, had maintained his aversion for air travel and made his last trip to Lagos by road, he probably would have been alive today. He was among the 153 persons that died in the Dana air tragedy last Sunday.

The recently retired police officer was said to dislike air travel and had always made most of his local trips by road.

According to Mrs. Mary Ahmadu, her husband had planned to visit Lagos enroute Ekiti, on private business and would have preferred to go by road, but for the absence of his driver.

Mary, who was surrounded by sympathisers and relatives at her home in Karu, Abuja on Wednesday, described the deceased as a gentle and contented man who treated everyone with a warm heart.

She explained that Ahmadu had last Friday played heartily with his children till very late in the night and according to her, they were so engrossed in throwing football at one another that they forgot to lock the windows and the room was drenched by an overnight rain.

Mary said her husband was quite close to his children, adding that they (the children) had taken his death with equanimity, though they were very pained by the sudden loss of their father.

“My husband was actually going for a private business in Lagos enroute Ekiti. He didn’t like air travel and he normally travels by road with his driver. But he decided to join the Dana flight because his driver was not available. He was a peaceful, contented man and he treats everyone well irrespective of their status,” she stated.

The widow had fond memories of her departed husband, whom she described as someone who did not burden her with anything during their years of marriage.

Source: Naija.ng

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