LAGOS ROBBERY: Suspect Reveals Why They Attacked Lagos

LAGOS ROBBERY: Suspect Reveals Why They Attacked Lagos

One of the 10-member armed robbery gang that shook Lagos three Sundays ago has told why they were ruthless. During the attack, three policemen and three civilians were killed.

Members of the gang were paraded yesterday at the state police headquarters, Ikeja by the Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko. The suspects are Uche Okeagbu, Emmanuel Ezeani and Chinonso Nwaugwu, all aged 23.

Recovered from the suspects were two buses which had specially fitted compartment for arms and ammunition storage. Found on the buses were two rocket propellers, grenade launchers, five dynamites with a detonator, two general purpose machine guns, nine AK 47 riffles, 225 AK 47 magazines fully loaded, 260 rounds of GPMG live ammunition and 10,000 rounds of live AK 47 ammunition. Okeagbu who confessed that he fully participated in the bloody Sunday robbery said; “We usually target 10 robbery operations at a stretch.

We don’t just strike but after our operations, we normally travel out of the country for sometime until the dust settles. He said “on that fateful Sunday, we had the people we targeted for the operation but we misfired.” Continuing, he said those killed had tried to disturb their operations. “We became ruthless when some people tried to block our ways but the policemen we killed were on their own. But we hate seeing the police because they are our enemies.”

He advised members of the public to always run away when they sight armed robbers during operations.” “Whenever people see armed robbers, they should not try to stop them because anything can happen. Learn lesson from those that we killed that Sunday. They tried to stop us but we stopped them first. You know our business is between life and death, so we don’t joke with those who want to stop us.”

Okeagbu revealed that after the Lagos robbery, they ran to Kwara State. “We robbed some banks, that was four days after the Lagos attack. We also attacked a police station. We took over the police station before we robbed the banks.” “When we got to the police station, we fired sporadically into the station and all the policemen on duty took to their heels and we moved to the Divisional Police Officer’s (DPO) office, we met him in the office, and he was confused on what was going on, so we told him that we were armed robbers and that our members were robbing in the bank.

We warned him to cooperate with us and he said no problem. He offered us seats and we stayed with him until one of our members came and told us that they were through. We left him panting.” He refuted the report making round that one of their members was a woman. “No, no, no, he is a man but he has big breasts like that of a woman.

He is very fat. He is a man.” The Commissioner of Police (CP) Umar Manko who paraded the suspects said on September 23, operatives of the State Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), led by its commander, Mr. Abba Kyari, acting on a tip-off, stormed Kemba-Hausa area of Ajangbadi where the suspects were arrested. Manko said during interrogation, Okeagbu led the police to their armoury, two buses where the arms and ammunition were concealed.

He noted that whenever the gang was operating, they would drive the buses to the location, park in front of their target places and after operations, they would buy bags of garri or any other goods and use them to cover the mask where their evil weapons were hidden. He revealed that one of the gang’s operational vehicles also has a sensor, which the robbers used in monitoring their back while escaping from the robbery scene.

Manko who was elated by the big catch said, “When the robbers struck, I vowed to fish them out. Efforts are still high to making sure that we arrest other members of the gang who are on the run.” One of the suspects Nwua Ugwu who was shouting on top of his voice said, “I did not follow them that Sunday. I am not denying being a member but that Sunday, I swear, I did not go with them. They only sent me money for recharge card.”


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