Check out the remedies you can take to stop snoring

Check out the remedies you can take to stop snoring

Snoring could be quite annoying if you sleep with a partner who snores and makes loud noises. Many couples have fights and arguments over staying in separate rooms because of a party snores. 

Check out the remedies you can take to stop snoring

There is a misconception about what sex snores and who does not. When snoring is being discussed, people tag men with it as they think it is only men who snore. That is not true, children and women also snore.

In fact, snoring is a common problem among all ages and genders. There are lots of people in the society who make grunting noises while they sleep. This problem could occur at nights when people sleep or it could be intermittently.

At this point, we have to agree that most of the people who snore are men, but that is not to debunk the fact that some women also do especially if they are overweight.

This condition worsens as people age. Some get startled by the sounds they make while sleeping that they eventually wake up from that sleep. People who snore do not enjoy their sleep as it could be disturbing for them and their partners who will always nudge them.

On a lighter note, the sounds they make when they are being nudged changes for a while before they go back to that tempo. Some people are so accustomed to snoring that they start to think it is normal.

Snoring is not normal, it is a problem that is caused by the relaxation of the muscles in the throat. When this happens, the tongue falls backward making the throat narrow and floppy. While breathing, the walls of the throat begin to vibrate.

In extreme cases, the walls of the throat completely break down leading to a condition called apnea. With this condition, it becomes impossible for a person to breathe if he does not get medical attention immediately.

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Some people snore because of the abnormalities of the throat and nose. An enlarged tonsils or adenoids can cause snoring for some people. On a milder ground, some people snore because of their sleeping positions.

If you have a snoring problem, here is a home remedy you can make. This has been used by many people who have shared their testimonies. This remedy is a cheap drink that can be made in your home. It is basically organic as you do not have to worry about chemicals and pesticides.

You do not have to go on snoring, find out what you have to do to put an end to that phase of life:

1. Things needed

Half a glass of water, a quarter of lemon, two apples, 2 carrots and a piece of ginger. These things can be easily gotten in the local stores around you. After getting these things, you blend all at once until you have a creamy and smooth mix.

Taking this regular will put an end to the snoring feats you may be having. However, you should note that this remedy may be rendered ineffective if you keep eating certain kinds of foods.

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2. Foods to avoid

Being overweight will no doubt make you snore. You can watch the foods you eat if you want to reduce it. You can avoid eating processed foods and drinks. Alcohol also should be avoided because it is a potent muscle relaxer.

Taking the remedy above will help clear the airways and help you sleep better.


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