Top 10 African billionaires

Africa is the country with the economy, which is gradually developing. It makes the country attractive for billionaires. Who is richest man in Africa? Let’s find it out!

Richest men in Africa 2016

Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote is the owner of the Dangote Group Company, which makes the activity in the territory of Nigeria and the countries of the Western Africa. He is one of the richest businessmen of Africa. The Dangote Group Company is engaged in the sale of the most part of consumer goods in Nigeria. It has received this leadership thanks to political connections of Aliko Dangote. The Dangote Group Company initially was a quite small enterprise. It was founded in 1977 and now it is a many-billion conglomerate. The company conducts the trading activity in such countries as Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, and Togo. Besides production of food, the Dangote Group Company is engaged in the production of concrete transportation. Also, it is a leader in sugar production in Nigeria. At the moment the estimated current capital of Aliko Dangote makes 3.3 billion dollars. He is the richest man in Africa.

Johann Rupert

The richest black man in South Africa, the billionaire with the European appearance Johann Rupert has turned a part of the father's company into the business shining in every sense. Compagnie Financiere Richemont headed by him develops luxury brands of jewelry, watches, and clothes, increasing sales every year. Rupert who has recently come back to the place of the head of the Council of directors takes the top positions in the rating of the richest Africans. The office of his Richemont Company is located in Switzerland. The company is quoted on SIX Swiss Exchange. Its market capitalization makes about €42 billion. It is possible to call the company international as it possesses brands of jewelry and the clothes based in the most different countries – from Great Britain and France to Hong Kong. In 2000, Richemont has made one of the loudest purchases in the branch, having bought brands of International Watch Company (IWC), Jaeger-LeCoultre and A. Lange & Soehne approximately for €2.5 billion. The general capital of the businessman makes $8.1 billion.

Harry Oppenheimer

Harry Oppenheimer for the quarter of the century remained on a post of the president of the Anglo-American corporation and didn’t leave this post until 1982. Along with it, he was also the president of the international diamond overworking De Beers Corporation for 27 years, having left from this position in 1984. His son became the vice president of the Anglo-American corporation in 1983 and the president of De Beers since 1988.

Nassef Onsi Sawiris

Nassef Onsi Sawiris is the Egyptian businessman, younger of three sons of the famous businessman of Onsi Sawiris. Nassef has the secondary education at the German international school in Cairo, has the economic education at the Chicago University, and has a degree of the bachelor of sciences and arts. In 2012, the rating of the richest man in Africa Forbes has given him the 3rd place in the list of the richest people of Egypt. His capital is about $5,1 billion now.

Christoffel Wiese

Christoffel Wiese is a rich and at the same time scandalous person in Nigeria. The South African investor who makes capital investments in the companies on gold mining and diamonds has run into debt to the government about 250 million dollars in the form of back tax payments. The businessman and the billionaire Christoffel Wiese has an outstanding debt to SARS. The debt of $250 million is considered the largest in the history of the state. Wiese has for the first time come into the view of tax administrations after the staff of the British customs has detained him at the London airport on the way to Luxembourg. Wiese took $1 million cash with him.

Mohamed Mansour

The capital of the billionaire from Egypt, Mohamed Mansour, makes $4 billion. It takes the 418th position in the global list of billionaires. In the list of the richest people of Egypt, he is in the second place. He has based Al Mansour Automotive Company, which has the exclusive right of distribution for GM products in Egypt. During the last revolution in Egypt, his corporation has taken the serious blow. However, in 2015 he managed to enter the list of 500 richest people in the world and to repair his situation from 520 to 418.

Mike Adenuga

This Yorubian billionaire is a resident of Nigeria. He has achieved the success independently. Mike Adenuga possesses 8 billion dollars. He is engaged in oil and telecommunication business. He owns Globacom founded in 2003. This company became one of the most popular companies on the continent. He has also founded Conoil, which is also the rich company in the delta of Niger River.

Nathan Kirsh

Nathan Kirsh is one of the most successful and famous developers of Africa. He was born in the Republic of South Africa in 1932, has citizenship of Swaziland, the USA, and Australia. The Kirsh Holdings Group Company owns expensive objects of the residential and commercial real estate in London, the Republic of South Africa and Australia. In August, Nathan Kirsh has taken 29% of shares of the Minerva Company, one of the largest builders of Great Britain for 78 million dollars. The millionaire from the Republic of South Africa Nathan Kirsh has bought the well-known skyscraper, Tower 42 in London. The magnate has paid for the building, which is the fifth on height in the British capital, 282.5 million pounds sterling (about 440 million US dollars). According to Forbes, the previous owners of the Tower 42 have agreed to sell the building to the South African businessman. Public information on a way of financing the transaction by the buyer is absent.

Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is the Angola businessman, the oldest daughter of the second president of Angola. According to Forbes, she is the Africa's first female billionaire. The private capital of Isabel dos Santos in 2016 is estimated by the magazine at 3 billion dollars. Isabel is a co-owner and the board member of the largest Angola mobile network operator Unitel, the co-owner of the Angola bank Banco BIC. The Portuguese assets include 15% of stocks of the network of cable television ZON Multimedia and about 20% of one of the largest banks of the country Banco BPI. Critics derisively call her princess, accuse the president's family of enrichment at the expense of the population of Angola, the part of which lives no more than for $2 a day.

Issad Rebrab

Issad Rebrab from Algeria has begun business with small, beginning the private accounting company. His first investments consisted of 20 percent of Sotecom civil engineering firm. Twenty years later, he lost a huge part of money because of the terrorist attack. He has run away from the country, but in 1998, he came back and founded Cevital. Now his capital is equal to $3.1 billion.

Every year in Africa the number of millionaires increases. The number of Africans, whose capital exceeds one million dollars, has reached a point of 160,000 people. In ten years, by estimates, this figure will increase by 45%. Therefore, perhaps the rating will be filled with new names soon.

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