6 interesting facts about Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman biography started a lot of years ago. He has already gathered a real popularity among Nigerian people. Johnson Suleman has a great influence in the religious world too.

Apostle Johnson Suleman has become the President and also General Overseer of successful Omega Fire Ministries International. It is a church which was established by Apostle in 2004.

How did Apostle Johnson Suleman start?

It started just a few days after a boy was born, a few Prophets went from Warri and came to Benin (the place of Johnson Suleman’s birth) with a certain message from Lord. His parents wanted to know what that message was, the Prophets said that God told them a prophet who would minister in God’s presence had been born. Johnson’s parents did not want to listen further as they were Muslims and did not want the possibility of their son to leave their fold.

As the young boy began to grow, his family noticed that he was behaving a bit strange. He had a soft spot for different things of God even when he visited the mosque with his father, a boy knew it was not his path.

Johnson Suleman’s age

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His age is still uncertain. There is no proved information about Apostle Johnson Suleman date of birth as the different sources name different dates. Even Apostle Johnson Suleman website does not give the answers.

Further life

A man was up to fulfill that call. Apostle Johnson Suleman was in Auchi, which was his hometown. He was getting his secondary school education at the moment when he met Christ. He gave his life to spreading the important gospel.

At first, he worked as an Assistant Pastor in the famous Armor of God Church, which was Lagos. Apostle Johnson Suleman decided to join it in April 1998. But after a couple encounters with the Holy Spirit that he had created Omega Fire Ministries background made him establish it in 2004. A man married a Pastor whose name’s Lizzy Suleman.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s books

Apostle Johnson Suleman studied as a mass communicator and who received a Doctor degree of Philosophy in Human resource Development wrote more than twenty successful books.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s house

Apostle has recently bought his new luxury house in Auchi. The gorgeous home has a helipad, a huge swimming pool, and also the games village. It cost N400 million. The house was furnished with the luxury stuff, which cost N800 million. Apostle’s house was called one of the most beautiful homes in Edo State.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s prophecies

The man of God said a lot of things about this year. Johnson Suleman’s prophecies for 2017 may surprise and even shock you. You can check up a few of them below.

1. Buhari will have to face the numerous impeachment threats.

2. Abuja will experience a huge Fire explosion.

3. Donald Trump will face his impeachment attempts as the members of Congress will become divided because of his style of ruling.

4. President Buhari’s health will need more attention

5. MMM will dupe a lot of Nigerians and there will be a lot of court cases.

6. Dollar exchange will be N615

7. GLO and MTN will face hardship

8. A former First Lady of Nigeria will need a lot of prayers over her health.

9. He sees a lot of Chibok girls, who will be released; a lot of them will have kids.

10. Donald Trump will favor Israel. American Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s latest prophecy does not let us think positively. Will they become real? We’ll see!

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