7 SHAMEFUL reasons Nigerian pastors use juju

We have heard stories of pastors using diabolical means to make their churches to flourish.

Sometime ago, a certain pastor identified as Stephen Maduabuchi was allegedly caught trying to bury charm ahead of his church's crusade.

Last year, a Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) pastor identified as Moses Abiodun who was arrested for burying something suspected to be human head inside his church.

Several others have been caught in the same situation. It is quite unfortunate that the church is full of deceit.

We live in world where there is so much deceit and falsehood. The pastors want to impress their members who have high expectations.

Nigerians love quick-fixes to everything and that is why some pastors will go to any length to get powers even if they have to dine with the devil just to please people.

You might be wondering why these men that claim to be called sometimes decide to resort to using charms. The reasons are:

1. To attract more members and keep them

More members mean more money. With more money, they can afford to live comfortably. Some pastors will do anything to attract a large crowd even if they have to sell their souls to the devil.

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2. For more money

An average popular church in Nigeria holds like four services every Sunday and offerings are received in all services. You can even give offerings online these days. Some pastors are more interested in making money than winning souls. Financial pledges have now become the essence behind most sermons. These pastors know how to use their sermons to coerce members into dropping more money.

3. For fame

These days, some pastors are more interested in being famous than doing the work of God. They do not know where to draw the line between advancing the preacher and advancing the gospel. They just want to drive flashy cars, live in mansions and travel round the world not caring whether their members are hungry.

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4. To perform signs and wonders

Nigerians have become so blinded with miracles that they do not see when things are not right. Most people go to church for miracles and that is why you will see thousands flocking those churches that perform all sorts of miracles even raising the dead.

Since Nigerians are so religious and believe so much in miracles, pastors have keyed in on this and some are making millions from it. Some Nigerians can be so gullible. How can someone ask you to pay millions for a miracle, don’t you read your Bible? Have you found anywhere in the Bible where Jesus asked for money before he healed someone?

5. To meet up with expectations

Most people fail to realize that pastors are also humans. They expect them to be able to solve all their problems, heal all diseases and call down money from heaven. For this reason, some pastors will seek diabolical means to help them meet up with the expectations of their members.

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6. To control people

You know power is sweet. Some pastor resort to charms so they can control people and make them do their bidding. Some people have become slaves to their pastors. If he says jump, they say how high.

7. The thrill of being idolized

They just want to be worshipped. They want to be seen as gods, that feeling of being up there with people below you depending on you for everything.

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