The billion coin review - is it a scam?

Cryptocurrency is a sure way to the future. Nevertheless, many fraudsters want to make a profit from the cryptocurrency. The Billion coin scam can be one of this scams you don`t want to participate. What is the Billion coin scam?

The Billion coin has an abbreviation in the internet TB. It`s not the best idea to take a short name of the campaign as TB. If you input TB into the Google search, you will find Tuberculosis symptoms and treatment on the first page instead of The Billion coin stands for the new cryptocurrency.

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What is so special in the Billion coin wallet? This cryptocurrency always goes up no matter the reasons and the logic of the market. It`s too nice to be true. The Billion coin can create a new dream for a regular person. It promises to new members to become milliners in no time. Still, most of the new members do not understand the basics of the cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency is free from bonds of countries or banks, but it`s still dependent on the rules of the market. The cryptocurrency assesses the market at any given time. Therefore, it`s price will go up and down depending on the conditions of the market. The Billion coin shows that their currency will always go up beyond any reason.

Is the Billion coin a cryptocurrency? No!

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