MTN data transfer: What combination to dial?

MTN is one of the biggest cellular operators in Nigeria. It implies a huge set of opportunities for users of the company. However, some of them are quite confusing for Nigerians. As there are a lot of people searching how to transfer data on MTN on the Internet, we have decided to create a detailed guide.

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Guide on how to transfer data on MTN Nigeria

Actually, the response to the question how to transfer MTN data bundle is rather simple. It is necessary to perform several simple operations only.

So how to transfer data to MTN? First, you have to dial *131*2# on your phone. It is your MTN transfer code. Further, you will need to enter the following:

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After successful registration of your actions, you will receive the SMS with confirmation from number 0000.

To change PIN, you can also send the SMS with the following text: CHANGE 0000 *NEW PIN NEW PIN* to number 131. For example, ‘CHANGE 0000 1472 7896 7561’ to 131,

After doing so, you will receive confirmation on successful change of the PIN.

You are also obliged to dial *131*2# and after that to enter 4 for data transfer. Also, you are obliged to report ADD (MSISDN) after which you receive one more notification message from the automated center.

After that, you will be able to realize sharing of data from the device, having entered Beneficiaries MSISDN code, which, in turn, will be received by another person, your recipient.

Pay attention that you have to be connected to a monthly tariff plan in the amount of 250 MB to have the right for sharing of data. Tariff plans with a limit lower than 250 MB won't be able to exchange the data.

As you see, the process of data transfer isn’t hard. You just have to dial a simple combination to confirm the transfer and then the service will be active.

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