Best tips on how to check WAEC results

If you wonder how to check WAEC results, read this write-up to learn about all existing methods. We will give the information, confirmed by the West African Examination Council.

Look at two possible methods of WAEC Result Check, both require pins, there is 100% necessity of having a scratch card.

What is the purpose of WAEC Result scratch card?

Is it possible to check WAEC result without scratch card?

To get the result you will be asked to provide the following details:

It is impossible to check WAEC results:

The explanation is rather simple, there are two ways how you can check WAEC results: via SMS or via Internet. It is impossible to receive the result without providing all the necessary information and buying a scratch card.

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How to check WAEC result using phone?

Do not confuse checking of WAEC results by sending an SMS with the option, which does not require scratch card pin. To get your result sending SMS, you will be required to provide the PIN from the card (SMS, sent to the short number 32327, will have the following look, for instance, WAEC*5361010110*210987654321*2017). Please note, that there must be no spaces in your message. This SMS is not free of charge and costs N30. Then just wait for an SMS with your result.

How to check WAEC result online?

This method is very convenient, you can do it using your PC, laptop or smartphone, all you need is Internet connection.

To check your WAEC result, just follow the instructions:

Hope you have found our write-up useful, and we have given you the answer to the question. If the friends of yours are also wondering how to learn WAEC results, don't forget to share this info with them.

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