How does TwinKAS work?

What is TwinKAS? Is it another scheme that consumes Nigeria? This project is new for Nigerians, but with the rise of Ponzi Schemes, like MMM Nigeria and NNN Nigeria, people have become suspicious about new "financial empowerment services."

How does TwinKAS work and what you should know about it? Find the answers here!

About TwinKAS?

TwinKAS is a system of peer to peer payment. It works in the form of donations from one member to another. According to the information on the TwinKAS website, the platform was created for helping people. It's created to assist people in receiving and giving donations to each other. It's totally free, and you can have multiple accounts on the platform. There is no central bank account for receiving and giving donations, and it looks suspicious as many Ponzi schemes use this tactic to fraud people.

TwinKAS account – how does it work?

When you register in TwinKAS, you will have to choose one of the four packages. These packages are Ultimate, Premium, Professional, and Veteran.

Before you create your TwinKAS account, make sure you will be able to make your payment in 24 hours. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of the system without possibility to register your TwinKAS account again.

How TwinKAS work?

When you join to TwinKAS, you have to pay the of 5 000 Naira, 10 000 Naira, 20 000 Naira, 50 000 Naira or 100 000 Naira to your fellow member assigned by the system. When the member gets you money, the system will assign two other people with TwinKAS accounts to you. They will pay you to double for what you have invested. For example, if you have paid 5 000 Naira you receive 10 000 Naira, if you have paid 100 000 Naira, then you get 200 000 Naira. The system will assign referral to pay back. After you have received money from two people below you, the system will kick you off and allow more registrations.

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You should know that you can expect the return on investments within 21 days. You can also use referral links to make more money. You can take 5% of donated money with the help of your referral link.

Let's sum up

Is TwinKAS still paying?

TwinKAS is one of the new platforms for today and it has not broken yet. The members of the community provide information that TwinKAS is still paying to its members. Therefore, you can expect the return of your donations within 21 days.

Is TwinKAS a legitimate business?

Business always includes providing some products and services for money. Any business is based on a business plan which includes many possibilities. The only plan that TwinKAS can provide you is that you pay one sum of money and doubles it within 21 days. Nevertheless, the only source of money is people below you. The system works until two people pay money to enrich one with double profit. This illusion will end as soon as the amount of donations from new people will not be enough to pay old members. Unfortunately, this is the end of any Ponzi Scheme.

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