Top 5 Ankara gowns in 2017

A new season often brings with it new things, new development, new designs and new dresses. Years back, the best that could be achieved from Ankara cloth is the Iro and Buba. The latest fashion trends of the Ankara design are now being sewn into different styles of dresses, skirts and blouses that used to be found only in the Western fashion.

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Following the fashion trend in the last few years,you will notice that new styles emerge almost every week either by making some alterations to existing styles or creating entirely new ones.

A lot of factors are responsible for the emergence of a particular style. In some cases, it could happen when a new set of Ankara pattern becomes trendy or it could be that there is an advancement in tailoring materials and equipment. It could also happen when a well known artiste or celebrity was spotted in the style. Regardless of what might have brought about a particular style trend, once people notice it and find it beautiful, they go for it.

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Ankara gowns are always gorgeous when worn. They look great on both slim and curvy figures. Deciding whether a gown should be long or short is a matter of preference, but you should know that too-short gown can make you appear indecent. When choosing longer gowns, it is best to not go for one that's too tight-fitting to allow for more freedom and ease of movement. Long slim gowns/skirt usually have a wide open mouth style to aid make movement comfortable. Fitted gowns are mostly appropriate when they are short. In most cases, people love free gowns because of the simplicity and ease of not having to wear a dress with split.

Ankara tops with plain pants/trousers or skirts will always be very fashionable. It is the perfect dress code for all occasions. They can be very cute if sewn nicely. You just have to make sure your Ankara colour complements your other attire.

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The African print is so versatile and beautiful, all you need is a creative fashion designer who can do wonders with your Ankara fabric.

It is one thing to be confident that you have purchased the best Ankara fabric in the market, but it’s another thing to have a designer who can bring out the beauty of the material by creating an amazing Ankara dress, skirt and blouse, jacket or whatever you fancy.

For most Ankara fashionistas, this can be a dilemma. Do not worry! We are here for you. We’ve chosen some eye-catching Ankara styles which can set you apart from the crowd in 2017. Here comes the trending Ankara styles in 2017.

You will definitely slay in any of the TOP 10 Ankara styles below:











We hope you have been inspired with the beautiful Ankara styles above.

Stay fit and keep trends!

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