NPower recruitment registration process in 2018

If you are interested in the latest information on 2018 NPower recruitment, the information below will be extremely useful. You will learn about the current requirements, updates, and recommendations for successful registration.

It’s reasonable to review regularly the news on the official website. Its address is There you may find out about the start of the recruitment process in a due time. This is the most reliable source where users may always read the latest information.

The N-Power Programme was created for improving the lives of the Nigerian population. The federal government uses this instrument to reinforce economic and social conditions.

Participants of the modular courses receive fundamental knowledge and practical skills in those fields that will be useful for finding a job and building a successful career. N-Power promotes economic diversification and provides students with skills at the world-class level. Graduates develop progressive innovations, create favorable conditions on the world and domestic market.

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Basic requirements for N-Power recruitment

The N-Power administration is trying to make its programs widely available to a large number of Nigerian citizens. However, there are some requirements that should be met in order to participate in training. First of all, your age should be 18-35 years. In addition, increased attention is paid to the following factors:

Despite the fact that serious demands are made on students and they should show full dedication, each of them can always count on the support of mentors. Management assumes responsibility for providing useful skills and knowledge. You can expect the received education to become a reliable foundation for building a career.

Graduates must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) from NUC accredited educational institution.

N-Power recruitment process

In many ways, the process of recruiting depends on the program in which you want to participate. But there are some common features to be known. Before registering, ensure that you can provide the following information:

Registration step-by-step guide

Follow the simple instructions below:

Candidates who did everything correctly receive a confirmation with the N-Power logo. In addition, within the next few days, a letter will be sent to your email address.

After a while, you will be able to find out your pre-selection status. To do this, it is enough to indicate your BVN or e-mail address. If the preliminary selection is successful, you will receive a congratulatory letter and will be able to participate in the program.

Take advantage of this chance. Perhaps a few minutes spent on completing the questionnaire are decisive for your life and will allow achieving important career success in the future. You will not only get useful knowledge but also appear in the society of active, purposeful people.

Become a promising player in the labor market and get the profession of your dreams! The limitless opportunities and huge benefits are waiting for you. We wish good luck to all candidates!

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