Davido gives ♥her♥ extremely expensive gift! Who is she?

Oh my, have you seen these diamonds? Davido, a performer famous for his single "Dami Duro," has bought quite an interesting gift for his new love! Continue reading to learn more.

Davido's expensive gifts

A lot of us know Davido - the famous and talented performer, record producer and recording artist. He has received a fair number of awards and nominations and is mostly known among those who like Afrobeat and Afropop. Another thing that we know about him is that he just loves buying expensive accessories!

For example, a year ago, he purchased an expensive diamond chain that was worth $50 000! Can you imagine that? It is customized and has a big letter D on it, the words “Davido Music Worldwide” on the top and “In God we trust” at the bottom. Basically, it looks like a big medal with his initial on it.

There was also a present made for his little daughter - an OBO necklace with 18ct gold chain. Not too shabby for a baby! But we still wonder, what would Davido baby mama say about this?

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And today Davido is shocking us with more expensive presents. He bought a gorgeous chain for his new girlfriend. Davido gave it to her while they were at a club. We all know that Davido loves Snapchat. He shared the video of him helping his lady put on the luxurious chain. The jewelry looks quite expensive, but we don’t know the exact price.

The gift is similar to the chain that Davido is usually seen wearing, the one that he bought for $50 000. It is round like a medal, has a big letter “D” and perhaps the same words, but it is hard to say for sure. And it has that diamond sparkle!

Below you will find some photos of davido and his girlfriend.

But who is this mysterious girl? Her name is Sira, and they met in the US. She is a model. He just fell in love with her beauty and grace. We wonder for how long this relationship will last. We know that Davido has had relationships before, but they didn't end well.

However, some of his relationships have led to a beautiful outcome - he has two amazing kids from different moms. But this does not seem to bother him - he is still spending time with his daughters and continues to spend his money on more luxurious and expensive gifts.

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