The battle of the titans: Infinix Note 4 vs Tecno Camon CX

- Infinix and Tecno are the biggest smartphone manufacturers on the Nigerian market right now.

- This also makes Infinix and Tecno the main competitors in the industry.

- Both of their smartphones are innovative and have a great price/quality ratio.

The question of choosing one or the other is becoming more and more difficult with recent phones both of these companies have introduced earlier this year.

They are:

What’s the difference between them and which one is better? Let’s find out together in this review.

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1. Infinix Note 4

Infinix Note 4 is a direct successor to the Infinix Note 3, one of the most popular smartphones of 2016, and it continues the traditions of the Note series.

The most notable features of this series of smartphones are a rather large screen, powerful battery and rather high overall specs. Note 4 delivers all of the above, with 5.7-inch FullHD screen (a bit toned out from the previous 6.0-inch screen in Note 3), 4,300 MAh battery, 2 Gb of RAM and 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6753 chipset.

Other features of this phone are: 13 MP rear with LED flash and 8 MP front cameras, a fingerprint scanner, Android 7.0 and, most notable new feature, a fast-charge technology, called XCharge that will allow you to charge your battery for about 45% in half an hour!

2. Infinix Note 4 Pro

Note 4 Pro is a premium version of the latest Infinix smartphone. There is not that much difference between these models, but the Pro version has 3 Gb of RAM instead by 2.

This definitely makes the phone much faster and will allow you to enjoy the latest games without any lag!

3. Tecno Camon CX

Tecno Camon CX is attributed to the Camon C long running series. The phones of this series are mostly known as camera-oriented, and the latest installment is not an exception.

Although Camon CX has really decent overall specs – 5.5-inch FullHD display, 1.5 GHz octacore MediaTek 6750 processing unit and 2 Gb of RAM – camera is where it shines the brightest.

CX is equipped with 16 MP front and 16 MP rear cameras, and although these specs are not everything you need to know to evaluate the quality of the camera, they show a definite improvement compared to the previous installment in the series, C9. In a nutshell, if you love taking pictures and selfies – this phone is just for you!

4. Tecno Camon CX Air

Unlike the case of Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 Pro, CX Air is not a premium version of CX, but rather a stripped-down version of it. Most notable changes include less powerful chipset (quadcore MediaTek 6737) and a bit worse cameras – 13 MP front and back.

However, this still makes it better than Camon C9.

Furthermore, it is one of the slimmest phones on the market – only 5.6 mm thick!

5. Conclusions

Although these smartphones seem pretty similar to each other, upon further investigation it is obvious that both of them have their pros and cons. They will definitely find their own separate segments of the market. If you can’t choose, which one would be better for you, you should probably ask yourself, how often do you intend to use a camera on your smartphone.

If the answer is a lot – Tecno Camon CX is your choice.

If you need a smartphone with a long battery life – you should probably pick Infinix Note 4.

The prices for these phones are:

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