Couple becomes a viral sensation after their pre-wedding photos circulated

- The beautiful photos of a Nigerian couple have gone viral

- The couple looked absolutely cute in the pre-wedding photos

Nigerians have not stopped gushing about a beautiful Nigerian couple who dressed simply and beautifully for their pre-wedding photoshoot.

The duo dressed up in their traditional attire and looked astoundingly cute together. Seeing couples like this would no doubt stir up the heat of passion and make many people long for a moment like that.

Although marriage is a different ball game on its own, having to look this pretty while sitting with a man whose thoughts matches yours would make you dream of having a pre-wedding shoot like this.

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The photos of the Nigerian couple were shared on Facebook by Khunley Sirheed Scar-citato. The poster also made a mental note of the simplicity of the couple. He could not let it go and ended up writing about them in the short caption he attached to the photos.

See the initial post below:

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What would you like to look like on your wedding day? Talk to us in the comment section.

Watch the TV video below to hear the epic responses given by some Nigerians when asked if they could allow their mothers in-law live with them as a newly-wed:

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