Catalonia votes in favor of independence from Spain amid a violent crackdown by national police

- Catalan leader declared that Catalonia has won the right to freedom

- The announcement came less than 24 hours after police attacked those voting for referendum

- A Spain's constitutional court had banned the vote for referendums by Catalans

Less than twenty four hours after police officers disrupted the voting process for Independence of Catalonia, the Catalan leader has declared victory for his people.

Catan leader, Carles Puigdemont, said the region has won the right to freedom and to become a republic after several hundreds voters were attacked by the police.

Recall that reported that no less than 400 voters sustained different degrees of injury when the Spanish police descended on voters on October 1.

A constitutional court in Spain had banned the vote and there was a crackdown on voting centres with the police hijacking the voting urns in centres attacked.

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Puigdemont, while addressing his people, after the aborted voting, said: "With this day of hope and suffering, the citizens of Catalonia have won the right to an independent state in the form of a republic.

"My government in the next few days will send the results of today's vote to the Catalan parliament, where the sovereignty of our people lies, so that it can act in accordance with the law of the referendum."

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Catalan officials later said 90% of those who voted backed independence in Sunday's vote. The turnout was 42.3%.

BBC reported that not less than 2.2 million people have voted out of 5.3 million registered voters, according to claims by Catalan authorities.

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