Federal Bureau of Investigation against Central Intelligence Agency: what's the difference between them?

The FBI and CIA are two words connected with the USA. You can hear about these two organizations everywhere, and it seems that they have agents all over the world! But what are the top facts about them? Naij.com will try to share some interesting facts about these two top secrets organizations of the world!

Full Meaning of FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation or just FBI is the most efficient domestic intelligence and security agency in the world. You may have probably heard about them from Hollywood movies. The work of the FBI is unique as it covers the whole domestic intelligence and investigation process of America.

The FBI is related to the jurisdiction of the US Department of Justice and their operations are similar to the Russian FSB or British MI5. The FBI has jurisdiction over 300 categories of cases. The organization has offices in every major city in America and some overseas created to consult and coordinate foreign security services.

The FBI has limited power overseas, while the CIA’s power is almost unlimited there; the FBI is however provided with almost unlimited power on domestic soil. The FBI was created in 1908 and was formally called the BOI – Bureau of Investigation. The name was changed to the FBI in 1935. They currently have their headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Full meaning of CIA

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The Central Intelligence Agency is one of the most notorious foreign intelligence services of the world; it was created to gather information to protect the United States of America, which they do through a primary method called human intelligence.

All reports collected by the CIA go directly to the Director of National Intelligence. These documents are primarily focused on the information about national security, and can thereby be directed and transferred to the Cabinet of the USA President!

The CIA has no authority to provide law enforcement functions; that is the job of the FBI. The main task of the CIA is to provide and gather information overseas. After the 9/11 attack, the presidency enhanced the functions of the CIA by adding the covert paramilitary operations.

The CIA also has authority to prevent terrorism from happening on the American soil. One of the largest divisions of the CIA is also connected with the offensive cyber operations, which concerns the prevention on cyber-attacks to protect the interests of the USA.

According to the Budget act of 2013, the CIA agency has 5 primary priorities:

However, this organization has been severally accused of mass violations of human rights; these accusations are connected with tortures, violation of human dignity and private life. The most shocking facts about this organization were provided by WikiLeaks which revealed the CIA was gathering information on internet users from their devices without permission.

Differences between Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency

Mission and Function

The main mission of the FBI is to protect the USA citizens from terrorist attacks and foreign intelligence threats. It also has authority to investigate cases of domestic criminals. It controls the criminal justice services of the state and has an ability to provide consultation services to foreign agencies.

The FBI can`t collect information on the foreign land, they only have authority over domestic crimes. The role of the FBI is reactive. They provide services related with counterterrorism measures. They also have special investigation forces that solve crimes connected with the national security.

The CIA, on the other hand, has a primary mission to collect information in foreign lands. It assists the USA leaders in policy-making connected to national security. The CIA does not make policies but serves as an independent source of information to the people who make policies in the USA. The CIA is also responsible for covert operations in other countries.

The CIA provides military operations all over the world. It has the authority to assassinate political leaders of the world if they are a threat to the national security of the USA. The CIA is also responsible for providing services to the political leaders who oppose the tyrant regimes.

Nevertheless, the definition of the “tyrant regime” is dependable. It can only be defined by the USA leaders. The CIA has no interest in the tyrants who do not provide a threat to the national security of the USA.

The CIA and FBI are the most notorious USA agencies and there are a lot of mysteries connected with these two organizations. Nevertheless, they both have only one primary goal – to keep America safe and will eliminate any threat towards the USA. They also have the responsibility of deciding what can be considered a threat!

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