38-year-old Nigerian man designs speakers with jerrycans, speaks on life (photos)

A Nigerian man identified as Olaoluwa Asuekome has opened up on his journey as a technician after one of his beautiful creative works was sighted.

Asuekome who hails from Edo state had an interactive chat with NAIJ.com correspondents where he shared some of his thoughts and aspirations. The 38-year-old man felt perplexed with the way people kept gushing about his unique jerrycan speakers.

He revealed how he nursed the thoughts of being a technician as a child. This made him stick around those who were learning and practicing until he learnt little by little. The father of one only went as far as completing his secondary education when he started hustling.

He started learning while in school and had no idea it would be his source of income one day. NAIJ.com correspondents asked him how he came about placing speakers in jerrycans without cutting open the top, sides or bottom. The man in his late thirties then said it was just him playing with objects and recycling objects.

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Asuekome said he used to place speakers under the bed; this amused people as they wanted to know where the powerful sounds they heard came from. Interestingly, he had the support of his parents who did not throw tantrums when he decided to learn this trade as against furthering his education.

As the third child of seven children, the industrious man came to Lagos in 2001 and started with the sales of electronics. His shop was destroyed when the state government of Lagos took up some road construction project.

According to him, it took him two years to learn the works of a technician; he said he has a certificate to back this up. The man then revealed he has achieved a number of things being a technician. He said he has started building a house in the village. He got married in 2016 and said his wife owns a hairdressing salon.

When he was asked some questions on fulfillment, he said he does not want to live outside Nigeria. This made him reveal that two of his younger brothers reside outside the country. However, Asuekome said he would like to import electronics into the country if given the chance.

The Edo born indigene revealed he has trained two persons who are now working and earning a living. This leaves him with just an apprentice. The electrician said he learnt this trade over 27 years ago.

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Going back to his unique jerrycan speakers, the electrician said the prices depend on size with the least price stated for N2,500. He accepted that there may be slow sales day as with many businesses. However, he ends up taking something home no matter how little.

The range given for the daily sales was N500 to N10,000. What seemed to matter to the electrician is not staying idle. He talked about how he sold akamu and made fufu while in school. He said he sold the akamu before going to school.

This came as a charge to the young ones as he said it is not good to be idle and dependent. He laid emphasis on him choosing his own path in life.

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