Opinion: Why is money always allegedly missing under Buhari?

Editor's note: There have been some corruption related allegations against some government parastatal of the country and this has continued generate controversies in the country.

In this piece, an Abuja based pastor and president of the council of concerned youth of Nigeria (COCYON), Olumide Akinrinlola lamented alleged missing funds under Muhammadu Buhari's watch as president of the country

I do not like the type of Nigerian who always attach political sentiment with everything. Yes ! Some of us are well known for constructive criticism against president Buhari and APC government.

It's all for the best of Nigeria to always put any ruling government to her toes. But some of you who see us as opposition voice must also know that they are not honest and true to themselves when most of the time they see every criticism against Buhari and APC government as error or partisanship.

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People must also be educated that stealing of money , embezzlement of funds or corrupt practices are not done via bank withdrawals or by taking away physical cash from government vault, but through award of contracts and lack of due process.

Under Same Buhari, Oil money to the tune of 2.8b dollars was missing as at when our naira was still having value. That reminds me of the song of Fela Anikulapo of blessed memory.

Again, as PTF Chairman, $500m was also missing which led to the collapse of PTF till date.

Now, as president and minister of petroleum, 26b dollars is missing and you said people are not educated for asking question. You said a serving son of God has committed sin for speaking out his mind.

Some APC stooges call me a political Pastor all because I am used to speaking against the propaganda of this current government to always cover their wrong doing and divert public attention from their corrupt practices.

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What manner of Nigerian are you if everything you see about Buhari and APC is all correct?

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