What is the best web hosting service in Nigeria?

There are numerous reasons to start your website. It can help you elevate your business, you can use it as a blog, or to share other valuable information. However, without proper hosting, you can find yourself waiting for the servers to go up for days. Luckily for you, we've prepared a list of the best web hosting services in Nigeria! If you want to find out which option is perfect for you, continue reading below!

Web hosting in Nigeria

Every website needs its own allocated server space to be available for users, as the Internet itself consists of thousands of servers connected together. In order to find a space, you are required to purchase web hosting, as otherwise, your domain name will exist in a vacuum, empty and lifeless.

Internet servers are rarely bought by individual people or small businesses, as their price and maintenance costs are too high to be profitable. That was why web hosting services appeared. They purchase servers and then rent out parts of the space available to their clients. Thus, web hosting firms make a profit, and you get to reduce your expenditures.

Before we pick the best web hosting in Nigeria, let's talk about the criteria that shape our decision in the first place:

Server Uptime

This is one of the most critical factors, as it is about how long the websites will work without failures. If a server suffers from extended or frequent outages, it will damage your website's popularity greatly.

Server Security

With the recent activity of hackers and constant DDOS attacks, website protection is crucial to keep your information secured from potential threats. And if someone plants a virus on your site, you'll see massive drops in traffic, and will lose the trust and reputation in the eyes of your visitors.

Hosting Price

This figure includes the amount you pay each month or year for the hosting service. Some people order the bare minimum packages. Others purchase additional space or additional beneficial features for their websites.


All web hosting companies in Nigeria tend to change their price points and conditions continuously. That's why it's crucial to pick a service that will allow you to transfer all of your data to another provider, should you choose to leave them.

Now that we have discussed the factors that influence the quality of a hosting service, let's see which companies in Nigeria deserve to be called the best!

Best web hosting company in Nigeria – Top 6

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While the world's most renowned hosting firms are located in the United States, Nigeria has its own collection of choices. Even more so, among dozens of options, some actually provide a healthy competition to American giants, with reliable servers and lower prices.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a Nigerian service is that it allows you to pay in our native currency, without all the fuss associated with paying in dollars and sometimes having the payments blocked.

Now it's time to find out the best web hosting service in Nigeria 2017:

6. Smartweb

A dependable web hosting provider that offers attractive prices and respectable uptimes. While Smartweb has suffered from insufficient customer support in the past, it now gives more attention to its existing clients and also communicates via the company's SM pages. Smartweb prices start at N3500 per annum.

5. Registeram

Registeram offers its clients appealing prices for lots of server space. It can also sell you a .ng domain name, so it's no wonder that they have an impressive number of high-profile customers. The cheapest deal you can get at Registeram will cost you N2500 per year.

4. Syskay

Another titan of the Nigerian hosting industry, Syskay has proven to have one of the most reliable servers in the country. It offers a vast variety of packages and has maximized the efficiency of its infrastructure.

The only aspect that doesn't allow this company to be higher on our list is that their support team isn't known for their speed in resolving issues.

3. Whogohost

This web hosting company has been on the market for years now. Their clients include hundreds of popular bloggers that write about all kinds of topics from fashion and sports to movies and music. Whogohost offers high-quality support and has attractive affiliate offers.

The cheapest monthly hosting model will cost you N400, while a yearly subscription can be as cheap as N4000.

2. Philmorehost

One of the newer players in the game, Philmorehost is getting more popular with each passing year. Their servers are of a high-quality standard, and the staff that is maintaining them has shown superb technical prowess.

They offer all kinds of customer support, being one of the most easily reachable web hosting companies in Nigeria. They also provide dozens of useful tutorials on how to use services such as WordPress, Linux Servers, etc.

1. Web4Africa

The top spot on our list goes to Web4Africa. They support all the primary payment options and allow for quick and easy access to their services. Web4Africa has been selling hosting and domain plans for such a long time, that they know every little detail of these processes. This allows them to be a step ahead of their competitors. Their cheapest package costs an annual fee of N4500.

Note: This is also one of the few providers that allows purchasing .ng domains. Having such a domain can do wonders in regards of earning trust and respect from your visitors.

While the hosting companies above are all reliable options, if you own a huge organization or are expecting to get enormous amounts of traffic, Nigerian hosting may prove to be lackluster.

However, for everyone else, a Nigerian web hosting company with its reasonable prices and respectable service level is a viable choice.

Now you know which company provides the best web hosting service in Nigeria this year. Be sure to share this information with your friends, as they may want to launch a website themselves.

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