How Nnamdi Kanu is 'intimidating' the federal government (photos)

- He is popularly called 'Mazi Nnamdi Kanu' by his followers and admirers, who are in their millions across Nigeria

- Most times throughout his ongoing trial, he always appear in court looking tired, defeated, dejected and stressed. But today, a different Kanu showed up in court photo-journalist, Yinka Adeparusi, who was present in court today, February 19, presents a photo-story of the actions of Kanu, who was surprisingly in a good mood throughout the court session.

Read/see below:

1. On arrival at the court room, Kanu was all smiles as he exchanged pleasantries with his family, friends and associates

2. As he settles down, some others approach him for a hand-shake and he obliged them while still smiling

3. A young man among them quickly took advantage of the opportunity to take a photograph with the Radio Biafra director.....

4. .....Another followed suit

5. ''Okay guys, give a lady an opportunity to have a photograph with Mazi''

6. Kanu's lawyer lean towards him to give him updates from the legal angle even as another man waits for his turn for a photograph

7. Kanu gets refreshment as he and his associates await the court session to begin

8. Checking the new dollar rates? Kanu keeps tab with new developments across Nigeria

9. A closer look at Kanu's attire shows that the line in his pocket area is Biafra-themed (colours of the Biafran flag)

10. Perhaps, Kanu is sending a message to the federal government that rather than be intimidated with his trial, the reverse will be the case.

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