Mtn Group

MTN Group, which was previously known as M-Cell, is a South African multiethnic mobile network provider with branches in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Its major subsidiary is located in Johannesburg. When the organization purchased Investcom, thus MTN extended capabilities of telecommunications services in 10 more countries. It should be noted that Vodacom, Cell C, Virgin Mobile and 8ta are also involved in MTN Group.

Indian companies

In May 2008 it became known, that the Indian telecommunications organization called Bharti Airtel didn’t exclude the opportunity to acquire MTN Group. One of the media sources informed that Bharti Airtel could give US $ 19 billion for 51% shares of MTN and it would be the purchase of the century, as some say, the largest purchase during the existence of an Indian company. Negotiations on this subject leaded to no avail, and on May 24 Bharti Airtel left the previous attempts to succeed. Soon Reliance Communications took the same effort, but it failed too.

MTN’s acquisitions

In June 2008 MTN Group decided to make a better deal by buying Verizon Business South Africa, that supplied data transmission services for corporate clients in a number of African countries. On 26 June 2009 MTN Group annexed the wholly owned subsidiary of Belgacom to its own, and now it is considered to be an international way of merger of Belgacom, Swisscom and MTN group.

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MTN Beta Talk – Reasons why you should migrate to it

MTN Beta Talk – Reasons why you should migrate to it

MTN Beta Talk – Reasons why you should migrate to it
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